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Kelly Osbourne Cried at Shape Bikini Shoot

Kelly OsbourneFashion police cried after her first bikini shoot.

The TV star - who has dropped to a US size 2 following her appearance on last year’s - admitted she was so “thrilled” by her svelte figure, she was reduced to tears.

“I just shot the cover of Shape magazine, which as such an incredible experience. I have never worn a bikini in my life before yesterday. I never even thought of wearing one! I cried when I saw the picture. Everyone that was there, we all just burst into tears. It was a thrilling experience.”

The newly-single blonde - who ended her engagement with Luke Worrall in July amid claims the model had cheated on her - explained while she finds sticking to her new exercise regime easy, she still can’t believe sample sizes fit her.

“I just commit to half an hour a day. It doesn’t seem overwhelming and I can handle that. I do half an hour on the treadmill and when I feel like doing more, I’ll do a few sit-ups and some weights. Now every designer will send me anything that I want, and I can’t believe that I am in this situation. I opened up all of these zip bags last night from Marchesa - off the runway -  and I can’t believe that it fits me.”


Items Du Jour: Rihanna Wears a Fanny Pack and a Nude Photo of YSL

Rihanna sporting a fanny pack—After 7 years at the French fashion house, Jean Paul Gaultier will be leaving Hermès to concentrate on his own label. His last collection will be the Spring/Summer 2011 range scheduled to debut this October at Paris Fashion Week.

—If anyone can bring the fanny pack back, it’s Rihanna. The print-happy R&B singer was spotted in Ireland sporting a leopard Dolce & Gabbana bag around her waist. Sightseeing in style!

—After a year of everyone chasing down Olivier Theyskens following his departure from Nina Ricci, the designer is finally coming out with his first project. Theyskens is set to design a capsule collection for Theory, scheduled to appear in their Spring/Summer 2011 range.

—Kelly Osbourne has opted for a new hair color and admits that she’s become an exercise addict, going to the gym even when she doesn’t feel well!

—Kristen Stewart graces the cover for UK Elle looking… awkward. Not only does her face look strained, but her pose is slightly contorted (in a bad way). Twi-hards really ought to stop gobbling up these magazines; I’m rather tired of seeing her on fashion magazines.

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Kelly Osbourne Starts a Purple Trend

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Kelly Osbourne colors her hair lavenderKelly Osbourne caused a stir when she dyed her hair purple this week and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, color rinses are set to become a huge hit over the coming months.

started the trend when she was seen sporting silvery blue highlights earlier this year, sparking a huge rush for women to have the same color treatment. So if you’re keen to have lavender locks, or any other pastel shade for that matter, top London hairdresser Karine Jackson has come up with the perfect creation - the Ice Cream Sundae.

The treatment results in slices or rinses of lavender, lemon, ice blue, grey or lilac put through the hair, transforming even the dullest of tresses. Talking about Kelly’s hair, Karine said:

“It’s suddenly become very fashionable to have a colored rinse. You wouldn’t associate with old ladies, but it’s a lavender rinse, and even Kelly refers to it as an ‘old lady rinse’! Looks fabulous on her, actually better than it does on Kate, as it’s a very elegant, vintage look which works best on the very young so there’s no mistaking it for grey! The trend has been very quick to spread, no sooner had Kate colored her hair and we were seeing it on the street. I predict we’ll see this trend evolve into a new craze with pink, silver, blue and mauve. I have even seen guys with great blue rinses!”

However, if you do decided to go for the blue rinse, Karine recommends a good silver shampoo to stop the highlights going dull.

Kelly Osbourne Comments on McQueen Death

Kelly Osbourne at New York Fashion WeekReality star says the fashion world will never be the same since the tragic death of Alexander McQueen.

The presenter was a close friend of the designer - who was found hanged in his London home last week after reportedly taking his own life - paid tribute to him and believes nobody will ever come close to his legacy.

“I’m devastated at the death of my friend , who, it seems, may have committed suicide at this London home last week. He was only 40 and the fashion world will never be the same without him. “There aren’t many great designers in the world, even fewer trendsetters. His fashion told a story, it meant something. He was distinctive and unique. No one will come close to replicating what he did.”

Meanwhile, Kelly took to the catwalk at New York Fashion Week on Sunday. The newly-slim star strutted herself at the show, which was inspired by saloon girls, vagabonds and gamblers. She was the first model of the evening with a bandanna mask, playfully wielding toy pistols before revealing her face.

Fashion Police: Kelly Osbourne Embraces Her Shoulders

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Kelly Osbourne goes for the 80's look

While out and promoting her Fierce autobiography, Kelly Osbourne was snapped up on Robertson Boulevard in this structured gray dress, square sunglasses, studded heels, and punky handbag.

While she is clearly shouldering the latest trend alongside Rihanna and Lady Gaga, do you find it chic, or can the Dancing With the Stars contestant leave it in her closet for awhile?

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Kelly Osbourne’s Wax Confession

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Sharon and Kelly Osbourne left daughter Kelly with missing skin when she waxed her mustache. Kelly revealed her mother tricked her into removing her facial hair when she was a teenager, and found it hilarious when the procedure went wrong.

She explained, “My first waxing experience was with Sharon when I was 14. She shouted, ‘Darling, come here.’ She was standing with a little pot and plastic spatula and said, ‘Lie on your back for a minute.’ She straddled my stomach, and smeared the wax on my top lip. I screamed in pain. She’d heated it for too long. She did eventually pull it off but half my skin went with it. To make it worse, she was laughing so hard she weed on me.”

Kelly, 24, also claims Sharon is “addicted” to plastic surgery—Sharon has previously estimated she has spent at least $485,800 on procedures, adding she dislikes it when her mother goes under the knife.

Referring to wrinkle-smoothing injections Botox, Kelly explains in her autobiography Fierce:

“She says, ‘I’m just going in for a routine op.’ There’s nothing routine about getting your t**s done! We’d say, ‘Mum, you’ve had Botox again.’ She’d reply, ‘No, I didn’t.’ ‘Yes you did - you’re head is f***ing bleeding,’ we’d say in unison. Once she had her lips plumped. We were sitting around Sir Elton John’s dining room table and he said, ‘Sharon, what the f**k has happened to your lips?’ We all burst out laughing. He sent her to a doctor to get it fixed. I’m forever turning to her and saying, ‘What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.’ She’ll say, ‘No, the Botox went wrong again.’”