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Victoria Beckham Attends Fashion’s Night Out in Giles Deacon

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Victoria Beckham in Giles Deacon

Usually seen dressed in more conservative fair as of late, Victoria Beckham stepped into Bergdorf Goodman for Fashion’s Night Out with an oomph last night.

Dressed in a tweaked Giles Deacon Fall/Winter ‘09 mini dress with thigh high boots, it was a far cry from her own collection.

Well, at least we know how we ought to be sporting those Jimmy Choo for H&M over the knee boots.

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Where Are Your Pants, Lady Gaga?

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Lady Gaga sporting the no pants in Paris

Oh Lady Gaga—I thought that we moved quickly beyond this whole anti-pants movement!

I admit that I’m loving the ballerina heels, your new hair, the green shades—well, everything else except for your lack of pants—but enough is enough already. While I realize that Europe is a bit more lax on these issues (clearly, given the ecstatic Parisienne fans who haven’t noticed you’re simply wearing panties), we here in the states would prefer that you at least slap a skirt on those hips.


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Fashion Police: Sheer Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto in Christopher Kane

Stepping onto the red carpet for the GQ Men of the Year Awards, Freida Pinto opted for a tiered, sheer dress from Christopher Kane’s Fall/Winter ‘09 collection.

Can she pull this catwalk look off, or should she hire a new stylist?

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Fashion Police: Kelly Osbourne Embraces Her Shoulders

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Kelly Osbourne goes for the 80's look

While out and promoting her Fierce autobiography, Kelly Osbourne was snapped up on Robertson Boulevard in this structured gray dress, square sunglasses, studded heels, and punky handbag.

While she is clearly shouldering the latest trend alongside Rihanna and Lady Gaga, do you find it chic, or can the Dancing With the Stars contestant leave it in her closet for awhile?

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Fashion Police: Ashley and Mary-Kate Go Wild

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at an event in Tokyo

While Ashley Olsen may be pondering her fashion career, she and sister Mary-Kate will always be making the news with what they happen to throw on.

In this case, it’s the mouse and rabbit Maison Michel lace ears that they donned at the Opening Ceremony party in Japan last week. Considering Lady Gaga slapped one on her head for a magazine cover, do you find it a step forward or backward for the fashionable twins?

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Fashion Police: Avril Lavigne’s Anti-Prom

Avril Lavigne partying at the Axe Lounge

Despite running into some possible marital problems, celebrity perfumer and fashion designer Avril Lavigne turned heads in the Hamptons.

While her more glamorous era undoubtedly beats her “Sk8er Boi” days, I’m not too keen on pairing the gothic prom dress with rainbow Hot Topic pumps. What do you think—successful upgrade or transition failure?

Michelle Obama and Carla Sarkozy Tell PETA They’re Fur-Free

First Lady twins won't wear fur

Animal lovers in both France and the states (and hopefully the world) have much to rejoice for this week, as both first ladies and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy have officially pledged to kick all of the fur out of their closets.

First was Sarkozy, whose wardrobe was directly spotlighted when a letter from PETA U.S. was leaked to the Associated Press.

Slightly irked by the all-too convenient leak, Sarkozy wrote to Dan Matthews, senior vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals U.S.:

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