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Mario Testino Honors Kate Moss

Kate Moss with boyfriend Jamie HinceA host of A-list stars attended an exclusive party in ’ honor last night.

Legendary photographer Mario Testino launched his exhibition Kate Who? - which features a series of life-size portraits of the supermodel - with a private viewing at London’s Phillips de Pury & Co gallery and as well as Kate, , Vivienne Westwood and Donatella Versace also turned up.

Kate, 36, looked stunning in a black asymmetrical dress and Christian Louboutin heels and Mario had previously paid tribute to her: “Kate represents the ultimate kind of woman - an icon of our times.”

The pair have been friends for many years, and Mario recently revealed how he first met Kate when she was just 14 and crying backstage after a catwalk show. Only a few copies of each photo from the Kate Who? exhibition will be available to buy, but the gallery has refused to comment on how much they are expected to make.

Later on in the evening, Kate and her friends headed to exclusive venue Mark’s Club to carry on the party.


Items Du Jour: Gareth Pugh the DJ, Burton Unveils Resort Line, Bald Supermodels

Description—Fashion designer Gareth Pugh will appear at the Istanbul fashion-forward festival, Istancool, as a DJ: “I haven’t done it in ages so I’m definitely a bit rusty - I’m certainly not skilled at mixing- it’s all about the selection.”

—After giving birth to her son, model Jourdan Dunn has dodged work and the spotlight for some time now. In addition to being snapped up behind-the-scenes of an i-D shoot, rumor has it that the 20 year-old is to appear in this upcoming September issue of Vogue.

—Where’s Tyra’s hair advice when you need her? Supermodel Naomi Campbell was working a Mobil gas station when a hair stylist adjusted her hair, only to reveal a bald spot on the side of her head—and it doesn’t look like she was making a statement.

—Sarah Burton, new creative director of Alexander McQueen, unveiled her resort Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and thankfully, she has stayed true to the label’s nature.

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Miley Cyrus Needs Help Walking in Louboutins

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Miley Cyrus in MadridMiley Cyrus in Madrid

If you can’t take the height, get out of the shoes!

Pop star was spotted in Madrid promoting her new album dressed in some classy high-waisted pants and a killer pair of Christian Louboutins; however, the former Disney star needed lots of help (i.e. from a neighboring wall and an aid) getting around in them.

Miley’s questionably provocative style has been targeted by the media recently. I, for one, can’t say that they don’t have a point when the 17-year-old can’t even hold her own in a pair of heels! Perhaps she should take some advice from platform queen .

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Quote of the Day: Christian Louboutin on His Slutty Customers

Christian Louboutin

“There’s the sexy side, and then there is the Parisian side, which is complementary but also the opposite. If you are very chic you might not need an extra drop of chicness, so you go for the sexy side and buy my shoes because they are… tarty. We get very smart women coming in and buying a pair to feel a little more sluttish. And then, thank God, we also get the hookers coming in the store, who buy my shoes because they are superchic. You see, whatever you have, if you add a drop of the opposite, then it just becomes a little more sexy.”

- Shoe designer Christian Louboutin on the range of customers his products attract.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Christian Louboutin Presents Cat Burglar Barbie

Cat Burglar Barbie by Christian Louboutin

Leave it to Christian Louboutin to make the most iconic and fashionable doll even more stylish. Louboutin’s first Barbie series

is out

sold out on Net-a-Porter in a day!

For $150, customers receive Cat Burglar Barbie, complete with four pairs of Christian Louboutins (each with their own bag and box, of course). For the rest of the pictures, you can check them out after the break. As for the fact that the collectible item is no longer available online, the site allows you to add it to your Wish List in order to know when Barbie will be back in stock (cross your fingers).

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Christian Louboutin Flattered by JLo Song

Jennifer Lopez in Louboutins at the VMAsVery much unlike Manolo Blahnik’s sense of appreciation for who made him a household name (ahem, Carrie Bradshaw), another famous shoe designer named Christian Louboutin is thankful for Jennifer Lopez’s song, in which his name is repeated 45 times.

It may have something to do with the fact that Lopez actually got his name right:

“Jennifer told me about the song back in January, and I was extremely flattered. But of course, in America the public pronounces my name in like a million different ways. So Jennifer called me, and she was like, ‘Listen, I want to make sure that I get it right.’ And she did…from the very first time!”

Louboutin is currently hard at work on the heels set to appear in the music video for the pop star’s track, scheduled to begin filming next month. At least she’ll be able to edit out any future shoe malfunctions during those performances.

With collaborations ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Barbie, Louboutin makes it clear why he can turn down diffusion lines!

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Christian Louboutin Turned Diffusion Line Down

Christian Louboutin, shoe god

Even though it seems as if everyone is doing a diffusion line for either H&M, Target, or other major retail chain, there’s one designer who is counting himself out: Christian Louboutin.

While he’s happy to shell out his time and effort for Barbie, it seems as if the shoe designer has no other collaborations in mind: “They [H&M] proposed me to do the diffusion line and I declined… Not that I don’t think it’s an interesting idea, but it’s a lot of work really, so it’s just difficult for me to do it.”

When asked about whether he would consider such a project in the future, my dreams of purchasing an affordable pair of his godlike creations were crushed. A girl can dream, eh?

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Christian Louboutin Goes to the Dolls

Barbie in Christian Louboutin

For the most iconic and stylish doll around, it was no wonder that Barbie decided to finally team up with famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin. From the looks of the newly-reinvented doll and her photo book diary, Louboutin didn’t let our girl down.

“Barbie has a long history of working with various designers and artists who use Barbie as a muse… It was a natural for Barbie, not only with her fashion heritage, but also because of her passion for shoes. She has a billion shoes and we needed to do something special for her shoe collection,” said Stephanie Cota, senior vice president of marketing of Barbie brands at Mattel.

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Christian Louboutin Gives Mika Michael Jackson Shoes

Mika was given Michael Jackson's custom shoesMika has been given Michael Jackson‘s designer shoes.

The King of Pop had hired famed footwear designer Christian Louboutin to create all his shoes for his comeback shows at London’s O2 arena, which were due to begin in July. Following his untimely death, Christian gave all the shoes to close friend Mika to wear at his own concerts.

“Christian Louboutin designed all of Michael Jackson’s shoes that he was supposed to be wearing for the O2 concerts. So when he died, Christian asked if I wanted them for my tour. They are amazing. One is a black soft leather lace-up which goes up to the ankle to support Michael while he was dancing,” Mika said.

However, the “We Are Golden” singer says he won’t wear one particular pair because he wouldn’t feel right: “There is a pair which must have been made for him to moonwalk in. They are gold with a metal toe and the soles are really smooth and slippy to make it easy to moonwalk in. I think they are the only pair I might not wear. It’s a little freaky to think he’d have worn those to do the moonwalk in.”

Christian Louboutin Goes Psycho

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In honor of his new boutique on Robertson Boulevard, famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin wrote and directed a short film starring Elisa Sednaoui and Miss Robertson.

The film, titled Psycho-Logic, begins very much like a fashionable homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho; however, the latter part of the film brings to life an envisioning of what it would be like to experience in shoe heaven (I want to go!).

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