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Friday December 9, 2011 11:19 pm

Tom Ford Likes Provocative Designs

Tom FordTom Ford likes his designs to be "provocative."

The former Gucci creative director says he likes to shock with his creations but insists he only does it if it's justified: "I've always enjoyed getting a reaction. I'm still provocative - but I don't provoke just to provoke. I usually do something to challenge people to think about it."

Tom - who recently released his own range of perfumes and cosmetics - also says it's important to be flexible when creating clothes. "You just start with one direction, then, in a fitting, you think, 'This isn't working,' and you tear a sleeve off - and that's what makes it modern and original."

While a lot of models wear his clothes, Tom says many women could don his creations: "Most pieces could flatter someone with curves. Some full-figured women feel they need their bodies. I say accentuate your bust and hips; curves are beautiful. Have a full-length mirror, so you can ask yourself, Do you like the way I look?' If you're petite, ask, 'Is this cutting me in half?' Also invest in Spanx! With a great undergarment, clothes will drape well."

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