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Thursday May 3, 2012 2:57 am

Nicole Richie Isn’t Fussed by Labels

Nicole Richie on Fashion StarNicole Richie isn't bothered about fashion labels. The fashion designer - who is renowned for her sense of style - says she chooses clothes on whether she likes them not by how much they cost.

"I shop at more expensive stores and I also shop at thrift stores. Most of my vintage T-shirts and peasant dresses, they're like $10. There's not a specific store that I go to or any label that I'm obsessed with buying," she said.

Nicole - who is a mentor on reality TV show Fashion Star - says she often falls in love with certain items of clothing and finds it difficult to get rid of them: "Fashion is a form of self expression and it's really about how an article of clothing makes you feel. If I like a dress that I'm wearing, I will wear it until it's falling off of me and someone's like, 'You've got to take off that dress.'"

The mother-of-two recently revealed how she lets her mood dictate her style. Talking about choosing clothing for her role as a mentor on Fashion Star, she said, "It all depends on my mood for the day that I'm filming. I don't have my outfits planned out at all, it really just depends on my mood and where I am on that day."

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