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Sunday October 10, 2010 6:21 am

Lauren Conrad to Launch New Designs on MTV

Lauren Conrad is to launch her new fashion line on her upcoming reality TV show.

The former The Hills actress - who has created collections for Kohl’s in the past - revealed her new high-end range will be debuted on her MTV reality show, but the 24-year-old star has admitted she is ready for the “stress” which will undoubtedly come alongside designing the new line.

“We’re in the very beginning process. We just submitted all of our tech packs for samples, so it’s in the very early stages. It will get stressful after this, when you’re dealing with deadlines, and you’re dealing with production and the possibility of a fashion show. That’s kind of when all the stress comes in. So, right now we’re just picking colours and doing samples.”

Lauren - who began her fashion career working as an intern for Teen Vogue in Los Angeles - also revealed she has enlisted the help of her friends to create the collection, which consists of a whole host of wardrobe “basics.”

“We haven’t started filming yet, so stay tuned! But my roommate and one of my best friends are running the company, the business end, and another one of my good friends, Gary, is doing kind of the creative direction. I do a lot of basics, so we have a great blazer, a high-waisted black skirt and biker jacket, and all those pieces can be traded throughout. It’s a lot of layering, a lot of switching-up, so you can get more mileage.”

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