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Tuesday October 12, 2010 12:01 pm

Lauren Conrad Avoids Certain Trends

Lauren Conrad admits there’s “probably a million things” she can’t wear.

The former Hills star says there are many trends which don’t suit her, and urges other women to stick to their look and body type when choosing their wardrobe.

“I think the best style advice I’ve ever been given was to flatter your own body. A lot of trends come out and they’re not necessarily for everyone.  There’s probably a million things I can’t wear. I can’t wear high waisted jeans. They look fabulous on some people, but it’s also a good example of how you’re not always supposed to slavishly follow every single trend - just the ones that look nice on you.”

Lauren also opened up about her wardrobe staples, rating jeggings, skinny jeans and baggy sweaters as her most sought after items.

“I love oversized sweaters, but I like them with a lighter weight, so I usually buy a lot of my sweaters a couple of sizes larger. Then I can wear them with a skinny jean or a leather legging. I love maxidresses, especially if they’re long enough to be worn with a heel because they make you look much taller. Skinny jeans or a jegging are definitely a staple - I wear them most days. I also love wearing either minidresses or miniskirts.”

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