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Saturday March 6, 2010 1:46 am

Kelly Osbourne Starts a Purple Trend

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Celebrities, Hairstyles, News,

Kelly Osbourne colors her hair lavenderKelly Osbourne caused a stir when she dyed her hair purple this week and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, color rinses are set to become a huge hit over the coming months.

started the trend when she was seen sporting silvery blue highlights earlier this year, sparking a huge rush for women to have the same color treatment. So if you’re keen to have lavender locks, or any other pastel shade for that matter, top London hairdresser Karine Jackson has come up with the perfect creation - the Ice Cream Sundae.

The treatment results in slices or rinses of lavender, lemon, ice blue, grey or lilac put through the hair, transforming even the dullest of tresses. Talking about Kelly’s hair, Karine said:

“It’s suddenly become very fashionable to have a colored rinse. You wouldn’t associate with old ladies, but it’s a lavender rinse, and even Kelly refers to it as an ‘old lady rinse’! Looks fabulous on her, actually better than it does on Kate, as it’s a very elegant, vintage look which works best on the very young so there’s no mistaking it for grey! The trend has been very quick to spread, no sooner had Kate colored her hair and we were seeing it on the street. I predict we’ll see this trend evolve into a new craze with pink, silver, blue and mauve. I have even seen guys with great blue rinses!”

However, if you do decided to go for the blue rinse, Karine recommends a good silver shampoo to stop the highlights going dull.

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