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Monday June 11, 2012 2:32 am

Karen Elson’s Catwalk Nerves

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Fashion Shows, Models,

Karen ElsonKaren Elson has an "anxiety attack" every time she does a catwalk show.

The model-and-singer admits she gets terrified whenever she has to walk down a runway so she doesn't really do fashion shows any more.

"Walking down a catwalk is terrifying. I am so useless, I have an anxiety attack every time I do it. I don't really do shows any more for that reason. Walking down a runway, with the lights, the music and all the faces looking at mend the terrifying high heels that are often, for me at least, way too big and falling off. I have these sudden panic attacks that I'm going to trip up. I almost will myself to fall. I really don't do a lot of shows. It would be fun to do them, but I'm terrified, absolutely terrified."

Karen also revealed when she's performing on stage, she likes her outfits to be as dramatic as possible: "I make it dramatic. I try and create a look, like, on my last record I had a lot of fringe. Fringy, fringy stuff. The band and I had a little look going. I think visually it's always good to have some kind of look going on. It makes the performance interesting."

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