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Sunday June 19, 2011 4:07 pm

Heidi Klum Talks About Her Expensive Perfume

Heidi Klum for her Shine perfume

Supermodel-turned-TV hose Heidi Klum doesn't want her debut fragrance to smell cheap.

The former Victoria's Secret angel has teamed with Coty to create Shine, which is set to launch in September, and she admits she always had a clear idea on what she wanted to evoke with the perfume.


“There are different moods that as a fragrance creator you can travel to. For my first one, I wanted what I felt my staple would be. I wanted it to be sensual and feminine, but still luxurious and expensive-smelling - because I think there are so many perfumes out there that smell cheap and too sweet.”

Heidi appears in the commercials for Shine - which will retail at $17 for 15ml , $28 for 30ml and $35 for a 50ml bottle - and was happy to show her imperfections in the advertisements.


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