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Thursday September 23, 2010 9:55 am

Gossip Girl Taught Ed Westwick About Fashion

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Ed WestwickEd Westwick thinks his fashion sense has improved since starring in .

The British actor, who plays Chuck Bass in the teen drama, admitted he has had to “step up his game” after learning about different looks and styles from various designers and industry experts.

“My fashion consciousness - and self consciousness - have definitely grown over the course of being on the show. All the exposure and all the experience I’ve had of different sides of the industry means I have a better knack of how to put things together. We’ve all been to fashion shows, we’ve worked with designers in different capacities, on fashion shoots. You learn about different looks and colors. I’ve definitely stepped up my game.”

The hunky star explained that his favorite look out of the recent shoots he has done would be an English country gentleman style that made him look as though he was “going shooting with Prince Charles.”

“My favorite one was by Band of Outsiders. It was a grey flannelly wool-type trouser, brown shoes - no socks, of course - white shirt, grey waistcoat. It was chic but smart-casual, great for late summer, early autumn. I’m going to have to go out and grab that one. Then, they wanted an English look so I wore this plaid jacket with dark shirt and pants. I looked like I was going shooting with Prince Charles.”

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