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Sunday October 17, 2010 1:09 am

Frugal Shopper Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez refuses to splash out on expensive clothes. The Disney starlet is very sensible when it comes to her money and doesn't see the point of paying out for designer items when she can get something similar for much less.

"When it comes to shopping I love a bargain. I don't usually spend over the $20 mark. I feel so much better buying a top for $20 that isn't so different from the one that costs $200. It's really rare that I buy something expensive, and if I do, I think about it over and over before splashing out."

When she goes to glamorous events, the <i>Wizards of Waverley Place</i> actress borrows designer outfits because she knows she won't wear them again: "When you see me on the red carpet, I'm usually in outfits that I've picked out and borrowed, and that I probably won't wear a second time, so I give them back. Normally the outfits are too expensive for me to own anyway."

One dress she won't be giving back is the gown she wore in her music video "A Year Without Rain," as she is auctioning it off for charity. "It's a beautiful dress. It was obviously a very important part of the video - we wanted it to be very beautiful and very flowy and I got so many great comments on it so I thought it would be awesome to give it to charity." The profits from the Catherine Dean dress will go towards UNICEF's mission to help underprivileged kids worldwide.

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