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Thursday July 1, 2010 10:45 pm

Emma Watson Gave Her Brother His Modeling Break

Alex Watson for BurberryGotta love celebrity nepotism: helped give her younger brother his modeling break.

The Harry Potter actress is the face of British fashion house Burberry and sibling Alex was shopping in the store, where he was soon introduced to the firm’s creative director .

“I was actually shopping for a suit in Burberry to wear at one of Emma’s premiere’s when someone from the brand approached and said ‘I think I think you should meet with Christopher.’”

Before he knew it, Alex had been cast alongside his famous sister in a Burberry campaign and while he is a novice, Emma has been giving him advice: “It was such a shock but it was a pretty good gig. Emma’s been really great - we get on very well but it’s good to have her there to give me tips. Her main one is to relax and don’t be scared. Easier said than done though. She’s just so efficient!”

Although it wasn’t a career he set out to do, Alex is loving every moment of being a model:

“I just feel very lucky. I had all these pre-conceived ideas of what the industry might be like but I’ve been proved totally wrong. Christopher Bailey was just the nicest guy - he takes time to think of everyone. I like to think that I’ll always get to do projects that excite me. With Burberry I love its iconic British heritage look but also the way it always keeps up with the times. Castings are a bit tense. Everyone’s eying each other up and down - it’s horrible. I never worry about food or how I look though. All beauty is subjective.”

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