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Friday September 4, 2009 12:59 am

David Bailey Queries Modern Photography

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David Bailey

David Bailey thinks that there is “no personality” in modern fashion photography.

The legendary photographer, who has worked with stars including model Jean Shrimpton, Sir Mick Jagger, and Damon Albarn, claims air-brushing has taken much of the mystique out of the profession.

“Now it’s such a mass industry. They just churn it out. There’s not much personality to it any more. You can’t say, ‘That’s a Helmut Newton picture,’ because you don’t know who took the picture. ‘Who did the retouching?’ is the question you ask. It makes mediocrity look good. And people who are really good, it makes them look mediocre, so it’s a leveling out.”

The 71-year-old photographer thinks some people in the profession don’t spend enough time with their subjects, meaning they are never able to get the best out of them.

He explained to The Guardian: “Most photographers just take pictures. They just come and go ‘click’—anyone can do that. Which is great—the more people who do that the better it is for me. If I take a picture, I know the person. I use plate cameras most of the time, so they’re not looking at cameras, they’re looking at me. I don’t say, ‘laugh.’ If I want them to laugh, I make them smile. If I want them to be grumpy, I’ll probably be rude to them.”

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