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Friday March 23, 2012 2:08 am

Dannii Minogue is a Selfish Designer

Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset WebbDannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb are "selfish designers."

The Project D collaborators admitted they create clothes which they hope will suit their own individual shapes when working on the label and it was no different when they joined forces to design their new K Bag in association with Kenco Millicano.

"Even for Project D we design selfishly. You always design a dress that you want yourself or that you hope will look good on you and the bag is something that I wanted for myself, it's got lots of different compartments and then a clutch bag too. Tabitha has designed some beautiful hangbags over the years of which I have many and I travel a lot so can't take them all with me, even now my partner Kris [Smith] rolls his eyes at my suitcases and says, 'You're not taking all of that' so hopefully the new K Bag will solve some of my problems," Dannii said.

Tabitha gave birth to Betsy Belle in November 2011 while Dannii has 20-month-old Ethan with partner Kris and the pair think becoming mothers has also affected their designs.

"Dannii and I are both working mothers now and we're on the run all the time and we try to make our Project D dresses so they can go day to night and women can feel comfortable in them. We felt like we could create a handbag that fit in with this so it goes from day to night, it's really versatile. Because we're both mums we carry everything we can fit in our handbags and it's also got a little clutch bag inside. It's lovely leather which I think is quite Dannii and then the studs at the end are quite me," Tabitha explained.

Dannii and Tabitha have designed their first luxury handbag to celebrate the latest trend in instant coffee, Kenco Millicano, now available in a portable Stick Pack. The limited edition K Bag is available at www.my-wardrobe.com/kbag beginning March 27.

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