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Monday April 25, 2011 9:12 pm

Christian Louboutin Respects YSL

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Fashion Designers, News,

Christian Louboutin's famous red solesChristian Louboutin claims he has "the biggest respect" for Yves Saint Laurent despite recently suing the fashion house. The famous footwear designer -- whose creations are famed for their red soles -- took legal action against YSL for breach of copyright after it brought out shoes featuring red soles, which he said was unacceptable.

"I have the biggest respect for the house of Yves Saint Laurent. Having discussed the matter with them and not been able to reach an agreement, we have had to take this to court. My company has a trademark on the red sole and if we don't enforce it this would leave the door open for other brands to copy us while jeopardizing the identity of the Louboutin red sole. No one before me has ever used a colored sole to define a brand's identity. The red sole has become widely recognized as the distinct sign of my brand in the eyes of women all over the world," Louboutin told ES of his decision.

The suit alleges that YSL copied Christian Louboutin's trademarked red outer sole, which Louboutin registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 1997. However, it's unclear whether the trademark covers all red-soled shoes.

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