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Thursday April 29, 2010 8:16 pm

Beyonce Wants Posh Designs

Beyonce on stageAn R&B artist desires some girl power: Beyonce wants to design her tour outfits.

The sexy singer is a huge admirer of the former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer’s collections and is keen for her to create some stunning outfits for her next series of concerts.

is a big fan of Victoria’s work, and was given a couple of samples from the new collection. Victoria was hugely flattered and has agreed, in principle, to suggest some designs. While Beyonce already has the sunglasses and a few dresses, it is Victoria’s more elegant full-length designs that she particularly loves as they are a real departure from her usual glitzy stage costumes. This collaboration could be the start of something big.”

Victoria’s designs have become a huge hit with celebrities with Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and all donning some of her creations. Demi wore a strapless, floor-length royal blue dress from Victoria’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection at the pre-Oscars Hollywood Domino party and couldn’t help but gush about Victoria’s handiwork: “I always feel so comfortable and Victoria’s designs fit so well. They’re just stylish through and through.”

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