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Tuesday October 5, 2010 11:11 am

Amy Winehouse on Why She Designed for Fred Perry

Amy Winehouse agreed to design a 17-item clothing range for Fred Perry so she could create pieces which would fit her.

The petite singer is a big fan of the British fashion house’s garments, but after losing weight and becoming a US size 2, found they no longer fitted her.

“When I started eating right, I lost quite a lot of weight. Everyone thinks it was because my eating habits got a lot better and I came to my natural weight. Fred Perry is my be-all and end-all. I’ve always loved it, always worn it, it feels like a living dream. I’m not really skinny but I’m tiny and I couldn’t get anything because they didn’t do a size 6.”

It was recently claimed Amy had been receiving tips for her fashion line from actress after they enjoyed a night out in London pub The Hawley Arms together.

“The pair were certainly new best friends for the night and were inseparable at The Hawley. They were chatting and giggling like school kids over drinks and talking fashion non-stop. Amy has designed a range for Fred Perry so was bending Mischa’s ear about style and Mischa was gushing about how much she loved Amy’s music,” a source said.

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