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Saturday August 22, 2009 4:22 pm

Will Nicole Kidman Wear Vosovic’s Project Runway Dress?

Project Runway All-Star Challenge

Those who closely observed Thursday’s may have noticed one thing missing.

In a pre-taped message, actress stunned the designers when she made a huge announcement: the challenge winner would get the opportunity to see their red carpet creation at the upcoming premiere of Nine. What she didn’t say is who would wear it.

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Project Runway Daniel Vosovic dress

While it’s entirely possible the dress will be worn by someone’s handler, is shooting for the stars. He is hoping to see his black-and-white original on Kidman herself.

“I WANT that woman in my dress,” the 28-year-old declared. “As excited as we were, we certainly got it,” he added. “I mean, she has an international image to uphold. ... I think that she just wanted to have a little bit of a look, so hopefully she’s watching the show, she loves what I did and she’ll want to wear the dress.”

Maybe he could still aim for second place? The film does have a number of other beautiful stars to choose from including , Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson and Fergie.

opens in theaters on November 25.

Gallery: Will Nicole Kidman Wear Vosovic's Project Runway Dress?



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