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Saturday September 1, 2012 10:19 pm

Victoria Beckham Channels Sporty Spice

Victoria Beckham

In what could only mean the end of times, Victoria Beckham was snapped up in public wearing a track suit and sneakers.

Why is this news, you ask? Well if you're remotely into fashion and have ever followed Posh Spice's style career, she has never set foot on the streets in anything less than pumps, let alone wearing an outfit that a normal human would wear. She also told a French magazine a few months ago that one would never witness her in such attire: “You’ll never see me on the street in a tracksuit. I just love fashion too much to wear a tracksuit!”

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The 28 year-old mother of four was photographed with her eldest son, Brooklyn, after his tennis practice.

Admittedly, if anyone can make a track suit look sexy, it's Victoria Beckham.

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