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Saturday June 15, 2013 5:04 pm

UK Retailer Pledges to Avoid Major Ad Retouching

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Debenhams Lingerie Ads

U.K. retailer Debenhams made a bold move in the fight against the over-airbrushing of women in advertisements this week. The company has announced it will ban major retouching of lingerie models in the future, hopefully setting a precedent for American counterparts like Macy's.

"We want to help customers feel confident about their figures without bombarding them with unattainable body images... As well as being a positive from a moral point of view, it ticks the economic boxes as well. Millions of pounds a year are spent by organizations retouching perfectly good images," said the company's head lingerie buyer, Sharon Webb.

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Debenhams - who recently cast differently-abled models in their catalog - released the above photo, which depicts the retouching involved in a lingerie model of theirs.

Though it's obvious that normal folk want to see more types of everyday bodies in these catalogs, the U.K. department store also hopes that other companies catch on, too. "We want other retailers to follow suit and encourage positive body-image through minimal retouching rather than bombarding them with unattainable body images," a spokesperson said.

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