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Saturday July 10, 2010 10:27 am

Quote of the Day: Cathy Horyn Says Couture is Dying

Chanel Couture 2010

“Like perpetually dieting designers, haute couture is definitely shrinking before our eyes. Oh, don’t be fooled by the giant lion at , which, depending on how you look at these things, is either an example of Karl Lagerfeld’s brilliant stagecraft or an advertisement for a new Disney restaurant chain. Most of the remaining half-dozen or so houses that show haute couture scaled down their presentations this week: a nip here, a tuck there and a PR man explaining in a hushed tone that the designer wanted to ‘return to couture’s roots.’... Unless you have been catching up on Gossip Girl reruns, national deficits and unemployment do not correlate with a couture dress that costs as much as a Harvard education. Couture is slipping off people’s radars faster than a U.F.O. “

- Fashion journalist Cathy Horyn pens the signs of couture’s death in The New York Times.

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