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Friday November 16, 2012 10:29 pm

New Marc Jacobs Ad Shocks, Humors

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Fashion Designers, Videos,

With fashion advertisements constantly pushing the boundries of what's acceptable to show to the public, it comes as no surprise that Marc Jacobs - a brand that has recently been slammed for portraying Dakota Fanning a la Lolita style in a fragrance ad - would come out with a sunglasses ad featuring a man who appears to be masturbating in public.

Seen above, the man - who was discovered to be an employee from the brand's retail store in SoHo - is initially seen from behind, making a movement with his right arm which indicates that he is pleasuring himself in the middle of a park. The ad then cuts to a frontal shot of him, and it is revealed that he is merely cleaning his sunglasses. Before leaving the frame of the shot, he gives the camera a wry smile.

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The video was posted by Jacobs' Twitter, with the caption, “Hey you, don't be shady!” Some people have been quick to slam the ad, calling it distasteful and inappropriate; however, I almost find it refreshing in a sea of hypersexualized advertisements featuring women with little to nothing on their bodies!

What do you think of the ad - all in good fun or downright lewd?

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