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Wednesday November 25, 2009 12:59 am

More Controversy Stirs Over Demi Moore W Cover

Demi Moore's cover over Anja Rubik's runway body

Just when the talk of Demi Moore’s questionable W cover died down, someone out in the internet makes a discovery that brings everything back into the spotlight.

This time, bloggers are pointing to Balmain’s runway model, Anja Rubik, stating that W photo editors swapped Demi’s torso entirely in favor of Rubik’s! Both women (supposedly) wore the Balmain swimsuit with a wrap; however, placing the W cover over the catwalk photo (above) says that perhaps only one of them truly donned the look.

Read More | Oh No They Didn't via Fashionologie

While it was obvious one way or another (despite what Demi posted on her Twitter) that the image was heavily edited, I can’t say that I see them swapping her body for the model’s—it just seems like more work that way.

Believable or mere conspiracy theory?

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