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Friday September 24, 2010 2:59 pm

Items Du Jour: Marion Sans Photoshop, Lenny Kravitz Wears Heels

Lenny Kravitz—An ad that actually features Taylor Momsen’s face for John Galliano’s latest perfume product was released with Momsen wearing more clothes and a little less makeup. But just barely.

—The designer of Lady Gaga’s controversial meat dress, Franc Fernandez, takes a moment to answer some questions. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t fond of answering the animal rights-related one.

—Now that her little sister is out of the picture, Beyonce took it upon herself to model the House of Dereon’s new temporary tattoo product. The tattoos were actually added to the Fall collection in an attempt to make it “ediger.”

—Lenny Kravitz recently stepped out in New York channeling his inner Marc Jacobs as he sported a cowl-neck jumper with a murse and thigh-high heeled boots to match.

—Reality star and former Playboy girlfriend Holly Madison is putting her love of shoes aside to help out a charity set to raise $50,000 for victims of natural disasters.

—In one of her classiest court outfits yet, Lindsay Lohan donned a pair of Louboutins on her way to the court house and jail cell.

—Lady Gaga and Giorgio Armani—despite never having actually met—have signed a multi-million dollar contract together. No word yet as to the details of the deal, but it will probably result in more custom-made designs (like her Grammy gown), which is a rarity for Armani.

—Marion Cotillard is on a magazine cover role! This time, she’s appearing on Italian Vanity Fair with no retouching. Despite her awkward pose, she looks fabulous.

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