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Saturday June 26, 2010 9:55 am

Items Du Jour: Jessica Alba Saves the Day, Tom Ford Confirms Next Film

Emma Watson at the Glastonbury Festival—Louis Vuitton models walked down the catwalk with temporary tattoos from artist Scott Campbell. Ed Hardy much?

—Actress Jessica Alba has completed her good deed of the week, swaying a 21 year-old Chinese woman from getting plastic surgery to look like her, in hopes of winning her ex-boyfriend back.

—Burberry’s Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign has hit the interwebs. The photos star a beautiful and British blend of models and musicians. Great, another reason to be jealous of not being British.

—After the critical success of his directorial debut, it’s no wonder that Tom Ford is taking on a second film. Unfortunately, he’s not letting any details slip just yet.

—Emma Watson attended the Glastonbury Music Festival looking somewhat stylish. I’m loving her Louis Vuitton corset, but not necessarily agreeing with her choice in blue jean shorts.

—Finally, a supermodel mom who admits that it’s taking some time to get back to her pre-baby body seven months later: Adriana Lima.

Jersey Shore reality star The Situation is venturing into the fashion world. Titled Dilligaf (Do I Look Like I Give a F****), the “couture” collection is to hit stores next month.

—When will they ever learn? First came Ralph Lauren, then came Ann Taylor. Now Nordstrom is Photoshop-happy and cutting down obvious inches off model Tao Okamoto’s waist (she’s modeling a Ralph Lauren polo).

Gallery: Items Du Jour: Jessica Alba Saves the Day, Tom Ford Confirms Next Film



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