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Friday January 14, 2011 2:28 am

Items Du Jour: Gwen for L’Oreal, Proenza Schouler, Daphne Talks

Daphne Guinness-- With her trademark red lips, it's about time a cosmetic company snatched Gwen Stefani up as their celebrity spokesperson! The singer-turned-fashion designer signed a contract with L'Oreal Paris; her full commercial will air during the Golden Globes.

-- Speaking of lips, Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the gym again (better there than at alcohol-infested locations), only this time her mouth looked detachable. I wonder if she's taking cues from her friend Kim Kardashian and blaming it on the flu...

-- Proenza Schouler released their second ever ad campaign. They're like the Givenchy ads, but with a splash of color. Thoughts?

-- If you're the least bit in love with fashion and you live in London, you ought to see Daphne Guinness speak at the Royal Academy on the 27th of the month. There's no other lecture on earth that could be greater than the psychology of clothes: "I once read an article in which a psychologist explained that, when we say we 'have nothing to wear,' it really means that we have nothing that expresses who we want to be that day," said the RA events and lectures manager Dr. Alison Bracker.

-- Nicki Minaj does a double-take with V magazine, looking fairly normal on one and completely Nicki Minaj on the other (decked out in Día de los Muertos makeup, duh).

-- Also in over-the-top/creepiness news, Gareth Pugh unveiled a short film he collaborated on with director Ruth Hogben for the Pitti Immagine tradeshow in Florence. Good to know that insane symmetry and goth is still in.

-- Last but not least, Tim Gunn has decided to kill some of his time by promoting consulting Weight Watchers clients.

Gallery: Items Du Jour: Gwen for L'Oreal, Proenza Schouler, Daphne Talks



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