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Saturday October 27, 2012 6:26 pm

First Look: Courtney Love’s Never the Bride Collection

Courtney Love's Never the Bride lineCourtney Love took to popular microblogging site Twitter to offer her fans a sneak peek of her upcoming clothing line, titled Never the Bride.

Whether you're excited or humored by Love's foray into the fashion world, the photos seem to indicate that Love isn't too shabby (no pun intended!) of a designer (which perhaps isn't all that surprising considering the following she has for her own style).

The photos (a couple more can be seen after the jump) feature Chloe Norgaard, whose multi-colored locks compliment the pale pallet of the collection, which was made from repurposed vintage clothing.

What is the essence of Never the Bride - in Courtney's own words? "This is the stuff that I would wear if I was young enough to not look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened After Baby Jane?" No word yet as to when or where you'll be able to snag a few of the pieces, despite Courtney incorrectly reporting on Twitter that they'll be available on Net-a-Porter.

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Courtney Love's Never the Bride line

Courtney Love's Never the Bride line

Gallery: First Look: Courtney Love's Never the Bride Collection



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