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Monday September 20, 2010 7:48 pm

Charlie Le Mindu Sends Naked Models Down Runway

Charlie Le Mindu Spring/Summer 2011

We’ve seen some bizarre runway looks over the past year. Now wigmaker and Lady Gaga favorite Charlie Le Mindu is sending his own fashion shock waves by sending his models down the catwalk in their birthday suits for his Spring/Summer 2011 line.

While nudity is nothing new to the fashion industry (heck, many times, it’s embraced!), there are usually clothes involved—sheer, in most cases. This Frenchman, however, clearly wanted to highlight the hat, purse, and platform boots the nude models wore.

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Aside from the nude models, the designer sent some strange clothed looks down the runway, including barely-there leopard leotards reminiscent of the infamous J.Lo Oscar dress and chest lights. Yes, lights attached to the model’s chest. What do you think of the daring designer’s creations? Downright lewd or interesting?

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