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Tuesday May 1, 2012 2:21 pm

Carrie Underwood Spent $2K on a Sweatshirt

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Celebrities,

Carrie Underwood on GlamourCarrie Underwood accidentally bought a $2,000 sweatshirt which she has only worn twice. The 29-year-old singer admits she did not understand European pricing when she first became famous and mistakenly purchased the expensive garment.

"My first stupid purchase was an accident. I was in Paris and went into one of those big, name-brand, fancy-schmancy designers, and I picked up a sweatshirt. Maybe I didn't understand the price tag. I'm really bad with numbers. But when I went to check out, that sucker was $2,000. It's not cashmere but thicker than cotton. I've worn it twice."

The country singer comes from a working class background, and she admits it has had an impact on how she has grown up because she rarely make pricey purchases: "Country music is for real people. I think it would be very hard to write about my Louboutins. Do you know what I mean? My giant house, it's not relatable. But my husband came from a small town and hardworking parents like I did, and I don't think we've lost that mind-set. We don't have a bowling alley in our basement. We don't have houses on the beach and one in New York and one in Los Angeles. I drive a three-year-old Ford Escape Hybrid. We don't care about stuff like that."

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