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Thursday October 15, 2009 3:17 am

Betsey Johnson Wants TV Diffusion Line

Betsey Johnson still wants a TV diffusion lineAs rumors continue to circulate around Betsey Johnson’s desire for a diffusion line, the playful designer speaks out on her ideal shopping platform: television.

“I want to do television, like QVC or HSN. That’s in talks. I let the talkers do the talk. I jump in at the end,” Johnson revealed, when quizzed on the hopefully-upcoming line.

If she had to pick between the two networks?

“I like QVC because I’ve done it for breast cancer, T-shirts and stuff over the years. And my dentist is a big QVC-er. And Stan Herman from the CFDA, he does QVC. And my lingerie company does QVC. It just seems more QVC-y to me, in terms of my collaborations with companies.”

While she may be pretty young at heart (and in her clothes), Johnson admits that she has a slight fear of new technologies.

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“The people at work help me out. They take my e-mails, my Twitter. I’m covered… And I read my Twitters. I talk to Teresa [my assistant] and she does it all. My fingers don’t even fit on those little keypads… I’m very bad at picking up the phone. I don’t enjoy the game of pressing buttons—I can’t deal with those electrics.”

It’s okay, Betsey—we still love you anyway!

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