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Saturday January 18, 2014 9:12 am

American Eagle’s New Campaign Forgoes Retouching Models

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Health & Beauty, Models, News,

AerieSomewhat following in the steps of UK retailer Debenhams, American Eagle has launched a campaign for their Aerie brand which sees models in all their non-Photoshopped beauty.

Adding the tagline, "The girl in this photo has not been retouched. The real you is sexy. #aeriereal," to each of the images, the folks behind the Aerie Real lingerie collection are making their mark in the fight for body positivity. Fashion editor and style expert Jenny Altman joined the company "for an incredible campaign that celebrates the power and beauty of real women," explaining that "[Aerie] left everything. We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get with our campaign... They are still models, they're still gorgeous, they just look a little more like the rest of us... We're hoping to break the mold... we hope by embracing this that real girls everywhere will start to embrace their own beauty."

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Adweek writer Emma Bazilian also pointed out the major difference in Aerie and its biggest competitor, Victoria's Secret, which is notorious for their heavy retouching: "The difference between the Aerie real campaign and, for instance, a Victoria's Secret campaign, is that Victoria's Secret... they completely airbrush out every single blemish or stretch mark."

Aerie is on sale now.

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