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This Should Help Your Blocks and Steals

Josh Smith After missing a dozen games with an ankle injury, Hawks forward and all-around fantasy stud Josh Smith will be back in uniform for tonight’s game against Memphis.  Though, if you have him on your roster and have other options given all of tonight’s games, you may want to think twice about starting him.

“That’s the big emphasis right now is to try not to overdo it because I’m so excited to be back,” Smith said. “That’s just a part of listening to your body and knowing how many minutes your body can take the first night back. And I won’t lie, my body will have to tell me because in my mind, I want it all back right now.”

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Beyond the Arc: Week 19

We’re almost at the finish line and it’s time to start readying the troops for the final countdown.

How’s that for some drama?  It’s time for any last minute trades, so assess your rosters, make that deal and keep your eyes peeled to the waiver wire.  This is where championships are won, especially in H2H, where a good chunk of the best players in the league will sit out the fantasy finals.  The good news is that both conferences are set up for some tight races with a lot of jostling around with seeding, so hopefully this year more than ever we see very few guys sitting out their last few team games.  We can only hope so.

The Fig Cap: Who knew?

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Dropping Dimes On The Daily - 11.12.07


After a heavy weekend of games on Friday and Saturday night, the action was light with a six-game slate, but there was plenty of drama in fantasyland in head-to-head leagues. We’ll let you in on who the difference-makers were, both good and bad, because even though it’s a fantasyland, things don’t always go your way.

Fig Cap: I’m looking up.

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