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Dropping Dimes on the Daily – December 4, 2007

Jared Dudley

Cause I totally blew it with not getting up a Daily yesterday, I’m going extra big with tonight’s version. Please accept this humble offering with my sincere apologies and a pledge to do better next time. I suddenly feel like Tony Kornheiser. Um, yeah.

Anyway, a new name in fantasyland you’ll read about after the jump is this dude on the right, Jared Dudley. He now starts for Charlotte. He’s fun to watch. More importantly, his StatTracker line lighting up is fun to watch as well. Yeah, I know, but that’s what gets me excited these days.

The Fig Cap: I don’t have to wear warm-ups at the tip anymore!

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The Fantasy Jump Off: 11.16.07

Andrei Kirilenko… MAC

The Fig Cap: Milk is chillin’... I am chillin’... What more can I say, top billin’.

For those of you that were waiting for the return of Dwyane Wade, to a lesser degree, Ron Artest, and to an even lesser degree, Stephen Jackson, your patience will be rewarded this coming week with a full set of games for the week.  But before we get down with what individual players have been doing and could possibly continue to do, it’s time to peep the number of games each NBA team has going on in Week Four of the fantasy basketball season.

Also check out DroppingDimes.com’s Rankings for Week Four where we breakdown the top 20 players at each position!

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