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Anthony Morrow
What a debut! 37 points in 40 minutes of play. A question burns…why was this guy initially behind Marcus Williams, DeMarcus Nelson and C.J. Watson? If you play in an active league, Anthony Morrow has already been grabbed by one of your rival owners. Anyone who can drop more than 30+ in their first game deserves a chance.

Relatively unknown, the DeLorean had to be fired up to go back into time where a picture of Morrow during his George Tech days was found. Surely, more photos of him in his professional digs will be available soon.

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Allen Iverson Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons ranked number four in our inaugural Fantasy 30. It has been about a week since Allen Iverson played his first game with his new team. Has there been enough evidence to see how things will shake down from the fantasy perspective? Let us take a closer look at the fantasy landscape with the “new” Detroit Pistons.

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Amare and Santa
Yahoo leagues give fantasy GMs access to something they call “MVPs”; check it out if you ever have a chance. This tool looks at how many times a player makes up part of a roster in the top 500 public leagues. They have separate analyses for rotisserie and head-to-head leagues. Since our experts league is h2h, the focus is on that here.

Not surprisingly, a consensus top four pick headlines the list. Consider it an early Christmas if you are currently riding high with Amare Stoudemire packing lots of punch to your team. Interestingly, among the top 500 teams in public h2h leagues, Amare can be found on only 21.0% of them which translates into one in every five teams. According to “MVPs” here is a team of the players most connected to success after two weeks of play.

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mbah a moute
I apologize, Luc Richard. I could not find a decent photo of you in your NBA uniform. But you, Mr. Mbah a Moute, have been kicking enough boute lately to be one of the hottest pick-ups in leagues. Props for that.

Here are recent add/drop transactions in two leagues I participate in (the 12- and 14-team leagues), and one my friends play in (a 10-team league). Hopefully by looking at different sized leagues, there are some moves you can look at regardless of what size league you play in.

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Dropping Dimes is trying out a new feature. Fantasy 30 intends to rank all of the NBA teams in terms of fantasy power. A list like this tends to lead to a lot of disagreement and discussion, but the hope is that these rankings will be fluid and updated as the year goes on. Thanks to Ron Chow for the assist. In addition to publishing updates on the Fantasy 30, once in a while we hope to produce sister articles that focus on a specific team and its roster.

#1: Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant ranks as a top four fantasy player this year. The Lakers employ two fantasy-worthy starters for center in Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Lamar Odom has played well coming off the bench. Jordan Farmar has sleeper point guard potential, and the team also employs three-point threats like Derek Fisher and Vlad Radmanovic. All of this adds up to the Lakers being top dog early in the year.

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Ron Chow and I won our first-round match-up in the Dropping Dimes League. With the victory, we take the early lead in the standings.

The Allen Iverson trade to Detroit seems to be official now. Big news, to say the least.

Add/Drops tend to be plentiful in the first couple of weeks in the season. Here are some moves that I have seen using one 10-team, one 12-team and one 14-team league. The 14-team league is our experts league.

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Marquis Daniels
I know, I know, I probably need to come up with a better title than “Exchange Center.” This feature will aim to comment on the add/drop transactions in leagues that I play in, especially those in our experts’ league. There should be more stuff on our draft and league very soon.

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The season has started, so we have decided to wrap up our mock draft blog. Unfortunately we only got through four rounds. Refer to the master list for a recap of the picks. Hopefully your own draft(s) went well, and my condolences if you drafted Greg Oden. Oden obviously has a lot of potential and hopefully his ankle injury on opening night is not serious.

Just for the interest of our readers, here are the players we had slated to write about in the fifth round.

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Andrew Bogut
Our experts league draft was held on Wednesday, October 22, 2008. Ron and I were lucky enough to land the first overall pick. We went fanboy and drafted Chris Paul, even though our mock draft here has picked LeBron James for three years running, and we both think LBJ has an awesome season ahead of him.

The league has 14 teams, so after we pick, 26 players come off the board. Amare went third, ahead of Kobe. Ron and I hoped to land a reliable center, siince this league has two center spots in its starting roster. Elton Brand went sixth. Dwight Howard led off the second round. Chris Bosh went right after him. Then Al Jefferson. We were hoping for Tim Duncan…

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Gerald Wallace Jumping

I am not much of a gambler. I may occasionally buy a lottery ticket if it is a large jackpot. I do not even participate in the weekly office football pool. I even bring an umbrella to work even though the forecast predicts only a 20% chance of rain. I just do not like leaving things to chance.

However, I will bet that Gerald Wallace will miss some games this year?! With a nickname like “Crash”, you are bound to miss some games. Looking back at his four years with Charlotte, he has missed 69 games. That translates into an average of 17 games per season.

Gerald Wallace is a high risk/high reward player whose name might be staring at you in the early rounds of your fantasy draft. Have a peep and see why you should invest an early pick on Gerald Wallace despite his well-documented injury woes.

Round 4, Pick 11 – Gerald Wallace SF/PF Charlotte Bobcats

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