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Mike JamesRound 5, Pick 4: Mike James, PG, Minnesota Timberwolves

With the number of point guards that have gone off of the board already, I’ve noticed that only three of them had a field goal percentage [last season] over 47%: Dwyane Wade, Steve Nash, and Jason Terry.  With Terry already being on this squad, and not exactly being the biggest dime-dropper out there, I decided to ensure that along with my two big-men, I’d lock up another top-12 point guard – by my estimation.  I’d even consider arguing that James could be better than Terry this season…

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Round 5, Pick 1: Chris Kaman, C, Los Angeles Clippers

While the “looks” may have waved bye-bye to this guy quite some time ago, fantasy production is all about “opportunity.”  And what better way to increase a player’s opportunity than to increase his minutes per game by about 27%?  This is exactly what happened in Los Angeles, when former MAC big man Chris Kaman was given about 33 minutes a game last year.  One quick glance at his stats, and nothing crazy may jump out at you, but something tells me that Kaman may be one of the best second centers in fantasy basketball this season – if not a solid C1.

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Caron Butler Round 4, Pick 12: Caron Butler, SF, Washington Wizards

Given the first pick in the odd rounds, math and logic present fantasy owners with the last pick in the even rounds.  So, after swiping guys like LeBron James and Vince Carter in rounds one and three respectively, I’ve had to witness (Cleveland pun, very intended) several targeted players fly off of the board to the other owners – something that is highly likely to happen when given the opportunity to draft first overall.  However, I was able to accommodate my team very well with the selection of the second of back-to-back Wizards off of the board, and one of the most underrated players in the league: Caron Butler.

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Mehmet OkurRound 4, Pick 3: Mehmet Okur, FC, Utah Jazz

Is this thing on repeat?  I feel like I’m becoming redundant with my selections for this squad, as I keep harping on the fact that I refuse to choose big men that will drag me down in any category.  Yes, they may not produce as much as your typical NBA center (which, in fact, are decreasing in number year by year), but for all intensive fantasy purposes it is gold.  Flying under the radar by many last season, including the Detroit Pistons, Mehemt Okur sprung onto the scene in a big way for fantasy owners. 

Let’s dive into this blog like Vlade Divac in the lane, and I’ll tell you how Okur will be an asset to your squad this season.

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DescriptionThe only thing “pseudo” about this guy is that he has yet to post one full true season of fantasy hoop studliness. Sure the injury history is a concern, but when you have Ray Allen and Allen Iverson in your starting backcourt, I can afford to roll the dice a little here. To reach the next level, Gerald will need to fine tune his game where he brings it for real night in and night out. The monthly breakdowns from his season last year tell quite the story.

Round 3, Pick 12: Gerald Wallace, GF, Charlotte Bobcats

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Amare Stoudemire I’ve never seen it happen, but trust me folks when I say that you can even get snaked in mock drafts!  With Chauncey Billups in mind to pair with LeBron James, I had a perfect one-two punch from my first two selections.  But, such is life.  Regroup yourself, and keep on picking!  Instead of going the point-guard way and settling for a lesser player, I decided to take this thing a different route.  As I see the drop-off in big men taking a steep turn by the time I would get to pick again, I had no choice but to take at least one center-eligible player at the turn.  And who better to pair up with King James than one of the most exciting and explosive players in the game?

Round 2, Pick 12: Amare Stoudemire, PF/C, Phoenix Suns

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Rasheed Wallace Round 2, Pick 9: Rasheed Wallace, PF/C, Detroit Pistons

While jumping on a run of player positions isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do in fantasy sports, ‘Sheed isn’t your average big man.  He doesn’t crash the boards like a Kevin Garnett, he doesn’t dominate in the post like a Shaquille O’Neal, and doesn’t throw down two-handers like an Amare Stoudemire.  What he does do is play in at least 79 games a season in each of the last two years and rack up stats that very few seven-footers can provide.

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Description First off, Dennis, Please tell me that you weren’t considering Dirk in the “sexy” category with LeBron James in your Marion piece.  I mean, unless you dig that kind of thing…then by all means!  Un-pimp Ze Auto!

“Betcha Biggie won’t slip…” – Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G. (Warning)

Now, every once in a while, fantasy owners have prayed to the “Fantasy Gods” for good health, good games, and good luck.  While this is only a mock draft, the Gods shined down on the team with the fourth pick, as Kevin Garnett, or “The Big Ticket” to some, lands in the figurative lap – making this pick to be about as much of a no-brainer as ever.

Round 1, Pick 4: Kevin Garnett

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