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Jason Richardson dunking

The Fantasy Lounge is a relatively new messageboard community. Dennis Velasco told me about their existence after some of our past contacts settled in over there. All the major sports are covered, and they also have a “Cooler Talk section for non-sports talk. Check it out.

Thanks to Brandon Haraway for representing the Lounge and participating in our first ever experts’ league. Check out his team inside.

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David West
The Talented Mr. Roto is a pillar of fantasy sports. They rep fantasy hoops over at NBA.com, and if you have not studied up on Matthew Berry’s Draft Day Manifesto, then you need to get cracking because you are behind in the game.

Thanks to Neil Tardy for representing TMR and taking part in our league. Neil drew the shortest straw in that he drafted last out of twelve teams. Although in this slot a team gets to make back-to-back picks, a lot of players fly off the board before your turn comes up again. Let us see what he had to say about his team!

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Lebron James and Paul Pierce
If you have not checked out ElevationMag yet, take a look when you can. In addition to the word on the Association, this site covers news around the D-League, the NCAA and hoops on the street. We here at Dropping Dimes would like to thank Mike Slane for participating in our league. Here is what he had to say about his team.

For the complete draft results, click here.

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Chris Wilcox

I was lucky enough to land the #5 pick in the Dropping Dimes Expert League draft held on October 12th, 2006. There may not be popular consensus on who should be the top pick overall this year, but most are in agreement who the top five in any draft should be. The order in which those five players are drafted is another story for another day. You could make it a top six depending on how you feel about Dwyane Wade and his three-point shot.

My first pick was easy; I just waited and picked the guy who was left over after LBJ, the Matrix, Dirk and KG went off the board. After that, the heavy lifting began.

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Shaquille O'Neal=
The Dropping Dimes Experts League draft was held on Thursday, October 12th, 2006. Perhaps some of the fantasy owners in the field wanted to hex the rest of the league Friday the 13th style, as they were milking the clock down as early as the first round! No big deal though, because unless you are in college and stacked your schedule such that you have no class on Friday, what better activity is there to do on a Thursday night than a fantasy basketball draft? (Note to our readers: I do not follow either Grey’s Anatomy or ER, though I hear both are quality televsion shows.)

We have asked our fellow team owners to send us their answers to our questions re: their newly minted fantasy squad. First up, who else…our head honcho, Dennis Velasco!

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Yao Ming
Similar to the NBA game, if you have top-notch options at the five spot, you have a strong chance for success in fantasy play. Gone are the days of Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwan and David Robinson dominating fantasy leagues by their extraordinary play. Here and now, the center position has to call in reinforcements from the power forward spot to boost its profile. Make sure you look out for forwards who might acquire center eligibility during the season; having that happen to one of your players might be like holding a winning lottery ticket.

The four staff members at Dropping Dimes were asked to rank the top 25 at each position. The top player received one “point,” the second player received two points, etc. Players who were not in the top 25, but thought to be able to crack the top 25 at some point in the season were given a value of 30. Players not on the radar were given a value of 40. The average ranking is listed in parentheses after the player’s team name.

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Gilbert ArenasThough seemingly very deep, this year’s fantasy drafts could easily see four point guards go off the board within the first 12 selections.  The top tier of this season’s point guard class is obviously one that not only drops dimes at will, but also dominates in another category or two (whether they be scoring buckets, swiping rocks, or draining three-balls).  This breakdown should not only give an idea as to what to expect from the top point men this season, but also to show that if you aren’t lucky enough to land one of the top five, your team will be sufficiently staffed with any of the top 25 mentioned here.  We’re also starting to see an emergence of a “Point Guard by Committee” on a few teams, which may hurt the value of a few guys. 

Without further ado, your 2006 fantasy basketball point guards.

(Note: DroppingDimes.com’s overall rank in parenthesis)

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Troy MurphyRound 6, Pick 3: Troy Murphy, PF, Golden State Warriors

At first glance, it may come off as me having a thing for incredibly tall, white guys.  However, that’s not exactly the case.  For a squad that has the guard positions locked down, but does not exactly have the three-point gunners that I’d prefer to have with a small-ball team, what better available big man to acquire than Troy Murphy? 

I took a heavy gamble on Murphy in several leagues a few years back.  Yea, the one where he played less than 30 games with a bum foot.  That one.  However, after two straight seasons of over 70 games, I think it’s safe to say that the guy is fully healed.  Oh, and have I mentioned the new head coach in Golden State?  Not drawing comparisons here, but the last power forward to play full-time Nellie ball wasn’t exactly too shabby.

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Emeka Okafor

The loyal readers talked about this team needing a center. Instead I went off the board and picked Gerald “Crash” Wallace and Josh “J-Smoove” Smith. Does it warm my heart to hear about a 24-year-old athlete with chronic back worries? Heck, no. The importance of position eligibility is highlighted well here. Also, it sure seems tough to pick at the end of a 12-team draft this year. A champion can come from any position in the draft order, but with this mock draft, the going’s been pretty tough.

Round 6, Pick 1: Emeka Okafor, PF/C, Charlotte Bobcats

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Manu GinobiliRound 5, Pick 10: Manu Ginobili, SG, San Antonio Spurs

Fantasy offseasons are all about pegging breakout players from year-to-year.  After a stellar campaign two seasons ago, Manu Ginobili was seen going in the second and early third rounds last season.  This level of draft position left many owners disappointed after there was an unexpected drop in Ginobili’s minutes, to less than 30 a game (27.9).  This decrease in minutes attributed to a decrease across the board in nearly all fantasy categories… for the regular season.

Now, as we look at how Ginobili was used in the postseason, we saw an increase to 35 minutes a game against the Mavericks, including a foul-plagued 27 minute contest.  And how did he respond when given the floor time?

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