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Description “But critics say the Doc is soft, Doc is talk
The Doc is all washed up, knock it off
Who the ____ is Doc impressin’.
Doc is this, Doc is that, you got the wrong impression.
You must be on the ____ of Doc cuz Doc left you all guessin’.
So DJ take the needle and just drop it on the record.
We gonna have this ____________ hoppin’ in a second.”
Dr. Dre in “One Last Time (Encore)”

Okay, so things are not looking so good for this team. Pau Gasol being lost for 3-4 months is a tough pill to swallow. The Memphis Grizzlies will be lucky if he suits up for 50 games this season. Your friendly neighborhood fantasy doctor here thought a nice bigball team was on the way with Elton Brand and Gasol on the same team. So how do I regroup and have this team hoppin’ again?

Round 3, Pick 8: Lamar Odom, SF/PF, Los Angeles Lakers

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Jason Richardson
Round 3, Pick 6: Jason Richardson, SG, Golden State Warriors

Don Nelson is back as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors and he’ll bring the Run & Gun style that he established with the Dallas Mavericks. There are thoughts (and hopes) that Baron Davis will thrive under Coach Nelson since Davis excels at the transition game, but the big winner will be Jason Richardson. The former back to back (’02-’03) slam dunk champion will thrive in the open court offense and will surely add a few more highlight reel dunks this season.

I’m telling you, J-Rich will set career highs in points this season under Coach Nelson.

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Mike Bibby is one happy dude!Round 3, Pick 3: Mike Bibby, PG, Sacramento Kings

Many of you were wondering who I’d team up with Shawn Marion and Ben Wallace, well, wait no more.  I’m going with the second overall pick of the 1998 NBA Draft out of the University of Arizona, PG Mike Bibby.  No wonder Bibby looks so happy in the pic to the right.  He’s joining my team!

In any case, despite getting drafted in a such a high spot, Bibby is basically unknown to the general NBA fan outside of the West (yes, I believe in the East Coast bias), thanks to playing with the Vancouver Grizzlies who at one time thought C Bryant Reeves was a key to their growth as a new franchise, and now with the Kings where he basically took a backseat to players such as PF Chris Webber and SF Peja Stojakovic.  Well, he takes a backseat to no one now, even the super-talented and super-volatile SF Ron Artest.  As much as Artest can make or break the Kings’ success, this is Bibby’s team and you’ll definitely want him on yours.

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Gerald Wallace with the flush!Okay, so we all pretty much know which NBA ballers will be going in the first two rounds of our fantasy basketball drafts – the Marions, the Jameses, the Garnetts, and Nashes.  The first two rounds should pretty much be a walk in the park, other than wondering about a few players coming off of injuries – Tracy McGrady, Andrei Kirilenko, and Yao Ming.  But, these players have so much upside and are so established as difference makers, there’s no question they’ll go in the first two rounds in most leagues, except in our DD Draft Blog: Round OneRound Two.  Sorry, Tracy.  But, you know what?  We were probably thinking too much.

In any case, what about those unheralded players that are on the cusp of studhood?  Players that will come off the draft board starting in the third round and probably no later than the fourth and maybe fifth round?  Who are those players going to be? 

Don’t worry, I got you with this.  I can’t give away all of my secrets, but check out the following seven players.  All things considered, such as position eligibility and upside I think these players could potentially put up first and second round value, or at the very least a round ahead of where they’d probably be drafted.

NOTE: Since we’re still in the middle of our DD draft, I won’t be going into great detail here since I don’t know how the draft will unfold and I may end up getting one of these guys, in which case I’d just copy and paste what I wrote and that would be just plain lazy on my part.  Worse yet, I may plant a seed in my DD brothers-in-blogging to draft one of the following players because I made a compelling argument.

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Amare Stoudemire I’ve never seen it happen, but trust me folks when I say that you can even get snaked in mock drafts!  With Chauncey Billups in mind to pair with LeBron James, I had a perfect one-two punch from my first two selections.  But, such is life.  Regroup yourself, and keep on picking!  Instead of going the point-guard way and settling for a lesser player, I decided to take this thing a different route.  As I see the drop-off in big men taking a steep turn by the time I would get to pick again, I had no choice but to take at least one center-eligible player at the turn.  And who better to pair up with King James than one of the most exciting and explosive players in the game?

Round 2, Pick 12: Amare Stoudemire, PF/C, Phoenix Suns

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Ben Wallace is now a BullRound 2, Pick 10: Ben Wallace, PF/C, Chicago Bulls

After signing a four year, $60 million dollar deal during the offseason to join the Chicago Bulls, there are big expectations for the team this upcoming season.  Can one man really make that much of a difference?  Well, when you have personnel in place and have the foresight and vision on how you want to build a team, the answer is YES.  Big Ben Wallace will make a difference on the Bulls and guess what.

He can make a difference for your fantasy basketball team as well.

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Round 2, Pick 3: Steve Nash, PG, Phoenix Suns Description

While I’m not usually one to stockpile a certain category in fantasy basketball, I have no shame in locking one up within my first two selections.  How am I going to do that, you ask?  Well, kind reader, by adding 10.5 assists per game to my fantasy roster, which also includes a guy who could one day, be dropping double-digits on his own.  And while it disgruntles me as a fan to say it, the reigning two-time MVP will be a very nice fit on this fantasy roster.

With a guy that even Nelly Furtado finds time to rhyme about, there are only a few certain things in life.  Death, taxes, and Steve Nash assists.  Is there downside?  Sure there is.  However, it’s the promise, and the new hairstyle, that will have a welcomed home on this fantasy squad.

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DescriptionSo, a friend of mine always seems to bring up turnovers when considering drafting a player and while I can understand why (as it is one of the nine basic categories in fantasy basketball) I can’t help but to say the following:

Who cares.

No disrespect to my friend, as he does know his fantasy hoops, but I just don’t care so much about this business of turnovers.  I’m not saying to knowingly punt the category, but I am saying don’t care about it as much as you do points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, 3-pointers made, and the percentages when you draft.  Why you ask?

Let me give you my $0.10.

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DescriptionImagine a round of golf with your friends that has been fun and competitive thus far. No one usually does anything too crazy when starting off a round. But heading towards the 8th tee, some of them are going to want to take out their driver and try to hit the ball right at the flag. So what, they say, if the hole is set up as a dog leg right, and that their short-cut is protected by trees, a valley and a lake of water. Did I mention that the green is also protected by a series of bunkers and that the wind is blowing in your faces? Let these “expert” friends of yours take this sucker shot. You are going to be like Tiger Woods and play it safer but smart. Leave the big dog to eat another day, take out your 3-wood and launch it a country mile right down the fairway.

Round 1, Pick 8, Elton Brand

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Kobe BryantRound 1, Pick 5: Kobe Bryant, SG, Los Angeles Lakers

Have we all forgotten about the Colorado Incident yet?  Isn’t it funny how people almost immediately forget scandals of celebrities, politicians, and jocks… just because there always seems to be a new one daily?  Well, fantasy basketball owners never abandoned the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant as we knew that he could perform (on the court, people, on the court).  And with the incident squarely behind him, Bryant went off and exploded last season (again, on the court, people, on the court).

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