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I am stepping in for Dennis Velasco for this pick. Dennis mentioned that there was a lonely buffet table that he had to keep company. What a gentleman. How fitting that Dennis is maintaining his round figure as this article is a tribute to the Round Mound. As a fellow D.D. writer, you will find out quickly that Dennis has a strong admiration for Charles Barkley, the Round Mound of Rebound. It could be that Dennis could relate to elements of Barkley’s career to his own life. You know struggles with weight, outspoken, great at his craft and a team player. It is unfortunate that with all the undersized Charles Barkley had accomplished in the NBA, his legacy does not include a championship.  Dennis can empathize with Barkley because Dennis’s legacy will not include the Dropping Dimes’ Expert League championship.

To continue the Round Mound theme we move on to Zach Randolph. It is quite evident reviewing highlights and pictures of Zach, that he could have avoided that extra trip to the buffet table as well.  Despite being a little round, Zach can still help your fantasy team. Check out what Zach will bring to the table.

Round 7, Pick 5: Zach Randolph, PF, Portland Trailblazers

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I have found a TV show to tie me over till the start of 24. I am digging this new series Heroes on NBC. It is on Mondays opposite the start of the Monday Night Football. I find myself flipping back and forth between the two channels during commercial breaks. Times like these I wish I had a picture in picture TV.  Heroes follows 10 people that discover they have special powers and their individual journeys somehow overlaps with each other. Check out the NBC.com if you are interested.

One of the characters on Heroes, Hiro Nakamura has the power to stop and travel through time. He also has the ability to teleport to different places. Can you imagine stopping time and traveling to the future?!

Wow, do you think if the Utah Jazz scouting staff had that power to look into the future that they would have chosen Chris Paul instead of Deron Williams in the 2005 NBA draft? Deron Williams was chosen 3rd overall and Chris Paul was picked next by New Orleans. Do you think Utah would like a mulligan on the pick?

Deron Williams may never reach the fantasy studliness of Chris Paul but Deron could still help your fantasy team. Let’s take a closer look at what Deron can bring to the table.

Round 7, Pick 2: Deron Williams, PG, Utah Jazz

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Luke Ridnour Round 7, Pick 1: Luke Ridnour, PG, Seattle Supersonics

Two quick notes regarding this pick:

1) I had no choice but to go with another point guard in this situation.  While there are plenty still out there, I could not risk waiting another 23 selections for the draft to get back to this team to address the point guard needs.

2) I made this draft selection prior to the news about Ridnour’s thumb injury, making this pick obviously more risky in present time.

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Fantasy Sports R Us was also nice enough to take part in our experts’ roto league. Thanks to Richard Christ for reppin’ them. They can explain what they are about better than I can, so here is what I found on their site…

“FSRU is the #1 most hated fantasy leagues site on the net. Why? Because we have the highest payouts, we are the fastest growing, and damn it we are just flat out the best. Period.”

Check them out. In the meantime, peep what they did at our draft. For full draft results, click here.

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Jason Richardson dunking

The Fantasy Lounge is a relatively new messageboard community. Dennis Velasco told me about their existence after some of our past contacts settled in over there. All the major sports are covered, and they also have a “Cooler Talk section for non-sports talk. Check it out.

Thanks to Brandon Haraway for representing the Lounge and participating in our first ever experts’ league. Check out his team inside.

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David West
The Talented Mr. Roto is a pillar of fantasy sports. They rep fantasy hoops over at NBA.com, and if you have not studied up on Matthew Berry’s Draft Day Manifesto, then you need to get cracking because you are behind in the game.

Thanks to Neil Tardy for representing TMR and taking part in our league. Neil drew the shortest straw in that he drafted last out of twelve teams. Although in this slot a team gets to make back-to-back picks, a lot of players fly off the board before your turn comes up again. Let us see what he had to say about his team!

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Lebron James and Paul Pierce
If you have not checked out ElevationMag yet, take a look when you can. In addition to the word on the Association, this site covers news around the D-League, the NCAA and hoops on the street. We here at Dropping Dimes would like to thank Mike Slane for participating in our league. Here is what he had to say about his team.

For the complete draft results, click here.

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Marvin Williams and Kobe Bryant

Could this be the scene on April 18, 2007, the last day of the season? Marvin Williams, a sleeper of an eighth round pick pumping his first in victory, while the leader of my team walks away dejectedly? While Josh Smith, representing Fantasy Sports R Us chews him out for not passing him the rock?

Sarge can rant with the best of them. Let’s hear what he has to say about his team.

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Chris Wilcox

I was lucky enough to land the #5 pick in the Dropping Dimes Expert League draft held on October 12th, 2006. There may not be popular consensus on who should be the top pick overall this year, but most are in agreement who the top five in any draft should be. The order in which those five players are drafted is another story for another day. You could make it a top six depending on how you feel about Dwyane Wade and his three-point shot.

My first pick was easy; I just waited and picked the guy who was left over after LBJ, the Matrix, Dirk and KG went off the board. After that, the heavy lifting began.

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Shaquille O'Neal=
The Dropping Dimes Experts League draft was held on Thursday, October 12th, 2006. Perhaps some of the fantasy owners in the field wanted to hex the rest of the league Friday the 13th style, as they were milking the clock down as early as the first round! No big deal though, because unless you are in college and stacked your schedule such that you have no class on Friday, what better activity is there to do on a Thursday night than a fantasy basketball draft? (Note to our readers: I do not follow either Grey’s Anatomy or ER, though I hear both are quality televsion shows.)

We have asked our fellow team owners to send us their answers to our questions re: their newly minted fantasy squad. First up, who else…our head honcho, Dennis Velasco!

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