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Steve NashWell, there’s a lot going on with the Dropping Dimes team, so it looks like there won’t be enough diversity in the rankings with myself and Sarge being the only ones able to drop rankings.  But, have no fear, we’re still the best fantasy basketball team out there (along with the fine folks at Give Me The Rock), so peep the rankings for Week Seven, but first check the number of games for each team.  Word.

Atlanta Hawks - 4; Boston Celtics - 4; Charlotte Bobcats - 3; Chicago Bulls - 4; Cleveland Cavaliers - 4; Dallas Mavericks - 4; Denver Nuggets - 4; Detroit Pistons - 3; Golden State Warriors - 4; Houston Rockets - 4; Indiana Pacers - 4; Los Angeles Clippers - 4; Los Angeles Lakers - 4; Memphis Grizzlies - 4; Miami Heat - 4; Milwaukee Bucks - 4; Minnesota Timberwolves - 3; New Jersey Nets - 4; New Orleans Hornets - 3; New York Knicks - 4; Orlando Magic - 4; Philadelphia 76ers - 4; Phoenix Suns - 4; Portland Trail Blazers - 3; Sacramento Kings - 3; San Antonio Spurs - 4; Seattle Supersonics - 4; Toronto Raptors - 4; Utah Jazz - 4; Washington Wizards - 3

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Eddy CurryStat’s All Folks will be a week-to-week stock market look at the standard cumulative categories – points, assists, rebounds, three-pointers made, steals, and blocks.  I’ll be calling out the “bulls” and “bears” in each category, in order to help you assess your portfolio of players on your fantasy basketball team(s) and whether you should sell, hold, and/or diversify your assets. 

Note that you won’t always see the superstar player written about in this column, otherwise it would be LeBron James or Steve Nash every week.  So, check out who’s bullish and who’s bearish coming into the week.

Statistics are through November 29th – December 5th.



Eddy Curry, C, New York Knicks
Last Week’s Numbers of Note: 4 G; 25.3 PPG; 60.3 FG%; 60.8 FT%

I’ll admit and say that I was a non-believer.  And to some degree I still am – I’ll chalk that up to me being a disgruntled Knicks fan.  But, I simply could not believe that Eddy Curry scoring as much as he was the week before was the real deal.  If Howie Mandel was in front of me, I would have emphatically said, “NO DEAL!”  But, you can’t argue with seven games in a row of 20+ points because instead of Curry’s physique blowing up, his post game is.  Buy into it because head coach Isiah Thomas has, recently saying that Curry was the key to the team and that’s music to every Curry owner’s ears.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to sound like an American Idol tryout.

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DescriptionIt was reported on Friday November 17, Miami Heat Center Shaquille O’Neal will need surgery to repair torn cartilage in his left knee and will be out four to six weeks. It was originally diagnosed that Shaq was out due to a hyperextended left knee. Shaq has already missed five of the Heat’s nine game played so far.

Reported earlier this week on November 16, Milwaukee Bucks Forward Charlie Villanueva will miss at least four weeks due to a torn ligament in his left elbow. He suffered the injury on Tuesday’s game against Atlanta when he took a hard fall on his elbow.

The Denver Nuggets’ Kenyon Martin is done like a Thanksgiving turkey after the leftovers are taken to lunch the week after Thanksgiving. K-Mart had microfracture surgery on his right knee and will be out for the rest of the season. Kenyon had microfracture surgery on his left knee 18 months ago. It is hard enough to recover from microfracture surgery on one knee but for both knees?! I hope this is not the end of Kenyon Martin’s career.

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Adam MorrisonThere haven’t been any downright fantastic rookie performances yet this year, but some rookies have played pretty well.  Brandon Roy, everyone’s favorite rookie, had 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists against the Warriors on Friday, November 3rd.  Rudy Gay must have gotten a lot of girls (there’s the first lame joke you’ll hear from me) after his 21 point, 8 rebound, 4 block game against the Knicks Wednesday, November 1st.  Shelden Williams has an incredible 1.000 FT % this year (OK, so it’s only 2-2, but still, give the man some props).  Kyle Lowry had 10 rebounds on opening night against the Knicks, which is kind of weird.
Anyway, since we are a pitiful brood that needs to be reading and researching fantasy basketball 24/7, and probably some of you out there have never had a girlfriend (it’s OK, at least you still have your favorite team), I’ll start a very preliminary rookie ratings list, examining my top five rookies, and their potential input for our fantasy teams in the future.

by Zack Francis

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Holy Crap! What is up with all the foot injuries?!

Utah Jazz Forward Andrei Kirilenko left the game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday. According to the Associated Press, it appeared that Andrei rolled his right ankle while attempting to grab a loose ball. He could not put any pressure on his right leg and had to be helped back to the Utah locker room. There was no immediate word on the extent of the injury. Keep Andrei reserved for this week at least. Peep this article later for an update once news has been released on how long AK-47 will be out. Side Note: Michael Redd dropped 57 points during this game?!?!

Portland Trailblazer G Brandon Roy will be out 1-2 weeks and will wear an orthopedic boot to treat his injured left heel. Doctors will determine the best course of action after the boot has been removed. If the pain does not go away, Brandon Roy will consider surgery. Yikes?!  There is no timetable for Roy’s return.

New Jersey Nets SF Richard Jefferson left Friday’s game against the Miami Heat after he sprained his ankle when he landed on Shaquillle O’Neal’s foot in the third quarter. X-rays on the ankle were negative. The Nets said that Jefferson would be out indefinitely.

It was reported on Friday November 10 that Milwaukee Bucks SG/SF Bobby Simmons will be out for 3-4 weeks. Simmons is recovering from a stress reaction in his right heel and has been since October 14.

Los Angeles Lakers Center Mihm will undergo surgery on Monday to repair a ligament and tendon in his right ankle. Mihm will be out 5-8 months. Mihm is pretty much done for this season.

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Nenad KrsticRound 6, Pick 9: Nenad Krstic, PF/C, New Jersey Nets

On a squad that already totes one of the leagues best rebounders in Kevin Garnett, along with solid forward options in Rasheed Wallace and Rashard Lewis, I don’t exactly need front court help.  However, what I do need is someone that is actually center-eligible for two reasons:

  1) We start two centers in this league, and I see the drop-off from this point being quite steep, and…
  2) Rasheed Wallace lost his center-status this year in a lot of leagues.  While I fully expect him to get it back at some point, I’ll need someone in there now.

Add in the fact that Krstic will eventually be my “C2,” and he could end up being a steal this late in the draft in a two-center league.

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>Richard JeffersonSolid. Reliable. Consistent. For a team with risky picks like Allen Iverson, Gerald Wallace and Josh Smith, it looks like it is a good time to go for some stability. I actually ran into this player at a steakhouse during my last visit to New York City. I guess that is as good a sign as any to pick a player.

Round 5, Pick 12: Richard Jefferson, SF, New Jersey Nets

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Vince Carter  While some of the first 24 picks have focused on some players that can be considered statistical specialists (Andrei Kirilenko or Ben Wallace with blocks and steals, Steve Nash with assists and free throw percentage), this team that is already comprised of LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire appears to have a firm foundation of well-rounded contributions.  James is a triple-double threat every night, while Stoudemire can put up 20 and 10 with a couple blocks thrown in for good measure at the drop of a…dime.  Thus, drafting for value, and attempting to not group this tandem with any one that could kill any certain category, I see no better option at this stage than to go with the off-guard from the New Jersey Nets.

Round 3, Pick 1: Vince Carter, SG, New Jersey Nets

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Jason Kidd Round 2, Pick 8: Jason Kidd, PG, New Jersey Nets


Jason Frederick Kidd… yeah, get past the middle name, which we all know may as well be “Is One Bad Mother On The Court.”  Seriously, is there any bigger of a triple-threat in the NBA the past several seasons?  This 33 year old “kid” is fourth all-time (76 games) on the Triple Double list behind Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138), and Wilt Chamberlain (78).  And, as any good fantasy player knows, getting stats spread out through several categories is always a good thing.

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