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Josh Smith blockI need to admit something; I have a serious man-crush on Josh Smith. I do not mean the stalking or restraining order type of crush. It is a crush on Josh Smith’s stat-stuffing ways and what he can contribute to one’s fantasy b-ball team, especially in blocks.

I remember the fascination began in his rookie season. It was a cold December day and during my daily routine of reviewing basketball box scores, there was a game between Atlanta and Detroit and Josh Smith had four blocks. I remember reviewing his game logs prior to the Detroit game and noticed that he had registered at least a block in the four games and back then he was SG/SF-eligible which was an added bonus. I plucked Smith off the waiver wire and plugged him into the lineup. Later in the month, Josh Smith registered 10 blocks in a game at Dallas!! I guarantee Josh Smith was claimed off every waiver wire after the Dallas game. J-Smoove single-handled won the blocks category during my H2H match-up that week!

I was able to draft him in the following season and since then Josh Smith has eluded my fantasy team. This year might be the year that I will re-ignite the man-crush with Josh Smith. Have a peep and see why you should share my man-crush with J-Smoove.

Round 2, Pick 12 – Josh Smith, SF/PF, Atlanta Hawks

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Dwight Howard kiss
Have you heard about the notion that in life, the chance of something happening is always 50%? If you flip a coin, it will either land on hands or it won’t. Forget the one in six chance taught to you in Grade 4 when considering the odds of a die landing on three. It either lands on three or it doesn’t…50%!

Now before you start applying this simple yet philosophical math to the roulette table, please stop and let me be clear in that I bring this up all for the sake of an attempt at setting up a punchline.

Winning in fantasy hoops? Either Dwight Howard will be on your team this year or he will not. Either you will win with Dwight Howard or you will not. 50%...kind of like his free throw percentage. What about your chances of kissing the rim like Dwight can? Zero. Let’s stay real.

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David West When selecting at the end of the second round, not only do you get to pair this person with a relative stud in the league, but this is also where you capitalize on the settings on which your league is constructed.  With Kobe Bryant falling to third overall, this team already has a solid foundation in… well, all things Kobe. 

With this league being of the head-to-head variety, adding a well-rounded big is ideal.  One that will help build off of the scoring foundation while adding some boards and not killing any of your percentages.  I think I have just the man for the job…

Round 2, Pick 10 - David West, PF, New Orleans Hornets

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Rashard Lewis
So…how best to maximize having Amare Stoudemire on your fantasy team? As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. With arguably the best prototypical fantasy big man in tow (and center-eligible, at that), one option would be to choose a forward who can complement Amare’s decent shooting, but can also fill in some of the small ball stats.

Rashard Lewis is certainly a roto stud. How does he stack up in a head-to-head league?

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LeBron James No fantasy draft will go down without LeBron James going among the top three, dependant upon scoring.  But one thing that owners may want to consider is the minutes that James may (or may not) play this year. 

There has been an ongoing concern over the amount of time that James spends on the floor, but most of this is due to the lack of supporting cast that dons the Wine and Gold.  But with the addition of Mo Williams, and the re-signing of Delonte West, Danny Ferry may finally have a few more pieces to help keep things together while James gets a bit of rest.  Cleveland’s Terry Pluto hinted towards this movement this weekend, and I do not think it is too far-fetched. 

James just finished playing in the Olympics.  The Cavaliers fell a bit flat in the playoffs last season, especially towards the end of games.  And while we heard this in the past about several other stars (specifically Steve Nash or Jason Kidd), do not be surprised if James isn’t logging 40-plus minutes every night.  Of course, do not be shocked if he plays every minute of the season; just know that it isn’t the initial plan.

Terry’s Talkin’ ... about Cavs’ new backcourt [Cleveland.com]

Danny Granger
Oh, Rob Babcock, why did you pass on this guy twice for the likes of Charlie Villanueva and Joey Graham? Perhaps concerns lingered about his health, or he just did not want to cross the border north. Still, on the theoretical front, having Danny Granger at the small forward slot alongside Chris Bosh and Jermaine O’Neal would have made a very formidable front line, fantasy or otherwise.

Granger had a break-out season in 2007-08. Can he continue to elevate his game to top 20 in fantasyland?

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Steve Nash and Amare StoudemireI would like share with my faithful Dropping Dimes readers (yes, all two of you) that I have recently tied the knot with my long time girlfriend, Vivian. She has been by my side for close to eight years and has brought out the best in me during our time together. She has endured my infatuation with fantasy sports for many seasons and understands that another season of madness will be soon upon us.

In the fantasy b-ball world, the unity of mega-talents Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash benefited many fantasy GMs for the past couple of years. But it’s Shawn Marion that will be linking forces with the two-time MVP on this fantasy team.

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Chris Kaman and Baron Davis

The Fig Cap: “Hey, B-Diddy, you’re wearing your old uniform, bro.”

Baron Davis will be taking the Boom Dizzle down from NorCal to SoCal as he will no longer sport his beard in the Yay Area, but instead in the City of Angels where no doubt his ability to drain buckets (and miss them like he was Stevie Wonder), drop the rock (bathroom humor not intended), and be a threat on the floor will no doubt thrill the fans at the Clip Joint!  Yes… I’m talking about the Los Angeles Clippers and, believe it or not, it’s totally possible for their fans to be thrilled.  Seriously.  Why are you laughing?

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Marcus Camby

The Fig Cap: Upon hearing news of his trade from the Nuggs to the Clips, Camby replied, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Yeah, Marcus Camby is no longer a Denver Nugget, which absolutely makes no sense considering he was traded for an OPTION of a second round draft pick from the Los Angeles Clippers.  Yes, Camby will be in the Clip Joint, but how happy will he be going from a playoff-caliber team that has the presence of Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony to a team that historically “messes it up.”  Okay, so the signing of Baron Davis could work out very well for the Clips, but still… it’s the Clippers!  Which is why I don’t understand how they got Camby for NOTHING!  Yeah, I know… the Nuggs were shedding salary and clearing up cap space.  Ugh… still ugly.

What WON’T be ugly, however, is getting the Camby Man on your fantasy squad. 

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There comes a point in every draft where one must come to terms with the fact that he or she may choose to select a player that is liked for one reason or another. Unlike Sarge’s issues with Carlos Boozer, this does not have to be a bad thing. Perhaps the player stars for your home team. Or perhaps you cheered him on during his college days. Sometimes you cherish the memory of picking him in a past draft when he was still a diamond in the rough.

Of course, picking a player you like could either lead to double happiness if both you and the player have a successful season, or double misery if the player tanks which subsequently submarines your team.

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