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Surprisingly, Joe Johnson saw an uptick in dimes per game in the second half of last year, the half where Mike Bibby was manning the point for the Hawks.

This is promising news for those trying to make JJ your number one PG this year.  Although he has more value sitting alongside a true PG and manning your SG slot, he’s a viable PG given that you draft accordingly.  He was 16th in assists per game last year, behind guys who haven’t yet been taken in our mock.  But at the same time, he averaged 4.5 boards per and over 2 threes a game.

Round 3, Pick 9 - Joe Johnson

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David Lee As a proud former owner of the backboard breaking David Lee, this news out of New York is very refreshing for the big man’s fantasy value under Mike D’Antoni.

There are many reasons starting [David] Lee with Zach Randolph up front is more logical in D’Antoni’s speedball attack. Lee can run the floor, is a better rebounder, passer and decision-maker than [Eddy] Curry. The only thing Curry has on Lee is being a more potent low-post scorer in a half-court set.

But that’s mostly obsolete in this offense, and Randolph can provide low-post points. Simply put, a Randolph-Lee front court is a more sensible tandem.

Oh, and don’t forget that Lee will be in a contract year this season.  Money makes the man do crazy things, especially when it comes to the box score.


Imagine Team USA starring LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and company posing for a picture like this. David Stern would have been on the next plane to China putting out fires and doing interview after interview insisting that the NBA loved its international flavor and that this type of stuff was not condoned at all. Fines probably would have been levied, and big companies might have stayed away from the Team USA stars i.e. it might have been a while before we saw Dwyane Wade and Charles Barkley hawking cell phones again.

It hurts a little extra because the guy picked here plays for my home team, the team I cheer for. My family comes from a Chinese background, and both the photo and the subsequent comments from this man have left a bad taste in my mouth. I even said, “Bring back T. J. Ford” when it first happened. Just as a fan, Jose, this is not the media’s fault, you and your team mates should not have done it, should not have caved if you were being goaded into it and you should have said sorry because you came off as ignorant instead of remorseful.

The moral of the story? Sometimes you have to put aside your feelings about a player and just look at the numbers.

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Paul Pierce 24 shot clock
In Dirk Nowitzki and Baron Davis, this team has a pair of versatile fantasy studs. So it is time to draft the “best player available,” right? But are you not always trying to draft the best player available? I suppose that double-talk came from the notion of not drafting due to positional needs or off-the-court issues.

This man continues to ride high on a championship wave. A little over a year ago, he wanted to be traded. Now people mention him as being hall of fame material. That’s the “Truth.”

Round 3, Pick 7: Paul Pierce, SG/SF, Boston Celtics

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Had Andrew Bynum been healthy all of last year, we may have a different World Champion team.  There’s no doubt the Lakeshow missed his 2 blocks, almost 2 dimes, and more importantly, his 10 rebounds per and that huge inside presence.  But that’s spilled milk.  Most sites have Bynum ranked at about the 10th best center, and he’s the ninth taken in our draft.  Check out why after the jump…

Round 3, Pick 6 - Andrew Bynum

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Chauncey Billups and Paul Pierce
It was anticipated that it would be a summer of change for the Detroit Pistons. Soon after the Boston Celtics eliminated the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals, the President of Basketball Operations, Joe Dumars, vowed to make some changes. He felt that his players were getting complacent and missing the sense of urgency they had during their championship run. Dumars claimed that he would trade any player on the roster and the only untouchable was Rodney Stuckey (?!).  A coaching change was the first course of action; Flip Saunders was fired and replaced by former Piston, Michael Curry. The summer has come and gone, the Detroit’s roster remains virtually the same heading into training camp (the lone addition was Kwame Brown (?!) as a free agent). Dumars has stated prior to the start of training camp that the nucleus of the team will stay together for now.

This year will be Chancey Billups’ seventh season with the Pistons; let’s see how the seven-year itch may affect his numbers this year. 

Round 3, Pick 5 – Chauncey Billups PG, Detroit Pistons

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Antawn Jamison
Drafting in the four spot has so far yielded a top flight center Amare Stoudemire and Rashard Lewis, a SF/PF-eligible player who can fill it up from outside while strengthening the percentages. Options in the third round are to either add a point guard, or find another PF-eligible player who can score, rebound, and hit the trey. Teamed with ‘Shard, this player helps make this fantasy team’s forward spots a tough check when it comes to moneyballs.

Round 3, Pick 4: Antawn Jamison, SF/PF, Washington Wizards

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Deron Williams

The Fig Cap: “Yeah… Chris Paul, who?”

Okay, Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz isn’t exactly to the point of mocking Chris Paul, arguably the first overall fantasy basketball pick, of the New Orleans Hornets, but he is more than holding his own.  Unfortunately, for Raymond Felton, the same cannot be said of him.  For those of you that don’t remember the 2005 NBA Draft, Williams was drafted third overall, Paul fourth overall, and Felton fifth overall.  While Felton is still trying to relatively find his way in the NBA, Paul and Williams are perennial All-Star caliber players and the latter should be climbing up fantasy basketball drafts as the season gets closer.  How many potential 20-10 players are there in the NBA?  Only several, and Williams is one.

Round 3, Pick 3 - Deron Williams, PG, Utah Jazz

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Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers
So far this team has the best point guard and possibly the best fantasy player out there in Chris Paul and arguably the most dominant center in terms of doing what he is good at in Dwight Howard. The turnovers will rack up quickly on this team, but who cares about turnovers, right?

The choice in the war room is to add a big man who can pass the rock, thereby giving both CP3 and Superman a little backup.

Round 3, Pick 2: Pau Gasol, PF/C, Los Angeles Lakers

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J-Rich Air Jordan
For any newbies to our mock draft, please refer to our master list which provides you with links to all the picks thus far.

This team has gone with the superb athletes so far: LeBron James and Josh Smith. It looks like the executive board for this team has opted to add to the high octane offense instead of addressing positional issues. The point guard and center spots will have to wait.

The Fig Cap: This pose remind you of anyone?

Round 3, Pick 1: Jason Richardson, SG/SF, Charlotte Bobcats

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