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Troy MurphyRound 6, Pick 3: Troy Murphy, PF, Golden State Warriors

At first glance, it may come off as me having a thing for incredibly tall, white guys.  However, that’s not exactly the case.  For a squad that has the guard positions locked down, but does not exactly have the three-point gunners that I’d prefer to have with a small-ball team, what better available big man to acquire than Troy Murphy? 

I took a heavy gamble on Murphy in several leagues a few years back.  Yea, the one where he played less than 30 games with a bum foot.  That one.  However, after two straight seasons of over 70 games, I think it’s safe to say that the guy is fully healed.  Oh, and have I mentioned the new head coach in Golden State?  Not drawing comparisons here, but the last power forward to play full-time Nellie ball wasn’t exactly too shabby.

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Baron Davis 

When Mike Montgomery was coach of the Golden State Warriors, there was an obvious rift between him and his star point guard.  Not anything to the Larry Brown/Stephon Marbury level, but it was pretty bad.  For example, when Montgomery would call a play, the PG in question would run another play.  Yeah, I think it was time for someone to move on, and in today’s sports market, it’s ALWAYS going to be the coach.  So, good bye Montgomery… hello, Don Nelson!  From the 1988-89 season to the ‘94-‘95 season, Nelson had moderate successful teams with the Warriors, making the playoffs four out of his seven season, even winning 50 and 55 games during two seasons.  Why mention all of this?  Nelson was voted one of the 10 greatest coaches of all-time during the ‘96-‘97 season, had great regular season success in his prevoius stop with the Dallas Mavericks, and those that handle the rock for him - Sidney Moncrief, Tim Hardaway, Steve Nash - always excelled under his running offense.

Baron Davis will love playing for Uncle Nelly.

Round 5, Pick 3: Baron Davis, PG, Golden State Warriors

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Jason Richardson
Round 3, Pick 6: Jason Richardson, SG, Golden State Warriors

Don Nelson is back as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors and he’ll bring the Run & Gun style that he established with the Dallas Mavericks. There are thoughts (and hopes) that Baron Davis will thrive under Coach Nelson since Davis excels at the transition game, but the big winner will be Jason Richardson. The former back to back (’02-’03) slam dunk champion will thrive in the open court offense and will surely add a few more highlight reel dunks this season.

I’m telling you, J-Rich will set career highs in points this season under Coach Nelson.

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Percentages. What was today’s stock price increase/decrease? How did you do on your math test? You are within the top percentage in your department in sales. Your company has met the percentage goal of their yearly targets. Where are you with the books? What are my chances of winning this poker hand? What are my chances with the blonde at the end of the bar? We are a society driven by percentages.

In fantasy basketball, the emphasis on the percentages has taken a back seat to the flashier stats like points, rebounds and assists. Depending on how your Roto or H2H league is set-up, the percentages could be the difference from being a champ or a chump.

In a mini-series of articles, I will discuss the following percentages; Field Goal, Free Throw and 3 Point. I am a big believer in picking the best player in the draft, however, if you were to decide between Player A vs. Player B and both players have similar stats, I will strongly consider the player that will help improve my team’s percentages. (Percentages used for this article are referenced from the ‘05-‘06 regular season.)

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