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Monta Ellis, Rich ManFeel free to put Monta Ellis firmly in your early rounds for any cheatsheets you may be putting together.  If there was any doubt that Ellis could be playing elsewhere, the Golden State Warriors put the kibosh on it in the ways of a six-year, $66 million deal.

Ellis wanted to stay in the Bay Area, and he got his wish.  Oh, and he’ll be making a bit more money in the meantime.  The addition of Marcus Williams may worry a few people in terms of a time share, but after shelling out $11 million a year, you better believe that Ellis will get his burn.  He’s 22-years old, and could easily find himself in the late first round in keeper formats.  Redrafts can feel comfortable taking him any time after Steve Nash is off of the board - which is looking like the mid-to-late second round at this point. 

Warriors Give Ellis six-year contract [SJ Mercury News]


Corey MaggetteI don’t know who I even thought I was kidding yesterday when I mentioned Corey Maggette taking less money to play with a contender.  Who did I think he was?  Gilbert Arenas? 

But with the dust settling, it looks like Maggette will suit up this season in Oakland where he will be running along side Monta Ellis, Captain Jack and the rest of the Warriors.  Baron Davis and Mickael Pietrus will be elsewhere, freeing up plenty of touches for the former Blue Devil.  We’ve already laid out his weaknesses, but with the swingman playing on a team that could not care less about stopping another team from scoring, he will fit right in. 

Expect plenty of points with the ever-solid percentages.  Mid-round selection, here we come…

Elton Brand

While we followed up on the recent Baron Davis news not too long ago, this game of musical chairs appears to be far from over.

The Warriors appear to have been caught off guard by Sir Davis leaving for Los Angeles, thus have decided to start hurling contract offers all over the league.  Word came out that Chris Mullin and crew made an offer to Washington’s Gilbert Arenas - but he appears to be staying put.  So, next on the list? 

Former (and possibly returning) Clipper power forward Elton Brand

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Wow, that didn’t take long.  As discussed briefly yesterday, Baron Davis looks to be relocating intrastate, as he has reportedly agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Clippers.  While Bill Simmons picked a crummy year to not renew his season tickets, the Clips could be looking at a starting five of Davis, Cuttino Mobley, Quinton Ross, Elton Brand and Chris Kaman. 

Yes, I left Corey Maggette off of that list as his money will likely now have “Baron Davis” written on the paycheck.  As Nels broke down here, this doesn’t exactly bode well for those that were planning on using an early pick to select Davis in the fantasy world.  Even worse if you were counting on Brevin Knight.

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By now, you’ve likely heard that a few of last season’s top producers (and one that should have been pre-injury) have decided that they will test the free agency waters. 

Obviously, this will have a vast impact on the upcoming fantasy season.  Rumors have it that Baron Davis will look at the Clippers, with the possible addition of Gilbert Arenas in Golden State?  It’s a crazy world we live in; this I know. 

Stay tuned to see where these players land, as we’re seeing some serious cash being left on the respective tables.  And if you have time to kill, head to Disney World.  You may just run into a future top-three fantasy pick!

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Baron Davis and his beard taking a jumperMost of us fantasy fanatics are in some sort of consolation play this week. After all, only two teams in each league can vie for the championship. How are things over in the “real” NBA? Well, the Golden State Warriors are playing almost .600 ball and are still trying to claw into playoff position. How’s that for a tough break?

In my league with family and friends, the teams in the consolation bracket battle for draft position next year. The winner of the consolation playoffs gets the first overall pick, the runner-up gets second pick and so on. It’s enough incentive for everyone to continue setting their lineups, and it’s enough of a prize that people take it seriously enough to put forth the effort. If you have a league with little GM turnover year to year, this is something you can do so that everyone can enjoy fantasy hoops right to the very last day, not just the finalists.

Perhaps the NBA should adopt a consolation playoff format and the winner gets first pick in the draft. This certainly would guard against bad teams tanking it at the end of the season.

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Kobe Bryant damn I'm good
The shoot-out in the wild Western Conference has been great to follow, has it not? The top nine teams are separated by only 6.5 games. Every day the standings shift. Right now Phoenix sits in sixth while Dallas ranks seventh! This bodes well for fantasy owners as the best teams in the West should all be playing meaningful games down the stretch. Here’s a rundown of each team’s fantasy playoff schedule.

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Chris Webber - Fantasy Basketball????...Oh…We’re Half Way There….????

Almost as a little addition to yesterday’s Wire to Wire, I wanted to add two new names that you fantasy folks may want to keep an eye on: Chris Webber and Earl Boykins.

Webber has officially signed with the Golden State Warriors, despite many people still wondering exactly “why.”  While Webber is undoubtedly older, slower and in all-around worse shape than he was a year ago when he gallivanted around Detroit, Golden State seems to be a breading ground for fantasy relevance.  As of now, I think C-Webb will have more of a negative impact on the fantasy value of others (see Biedrins, Andris and Harrington, Al) - but this doesn’t mean he should be counted out.  Don Nelson may make this thing work!

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DescriptionHe’s only played 33 minutes all of preseason.  He only averaged 21 minutes per game last April.  So why is Andris Biedrins such a highly touted commodity?  Upside, baby, upside.

These are his only drawbacks.  If he starts, he has 10-10 written all over him.  Well guess what boys and girls.  With that stud Adonal Foyle out of town, only Patrick O’Bryant and Brandan Wright will challenge Al Harrington and him for playing time.  Talk about a good situation.

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Al Harrington

The Fig Cap: I ROCK!!!

GUEST BLOGGER: Phil Partington of Suite 101 and Fantapedia fame!

Drafted straight out of high school in 1998, it’s been a long road for Al Harrington and he’s more than paid his dues.  At 6-9 250lbs, he’s one of the more versatile power forwards in the league.  Whether it be a bomb from behind the arc or putting the ball on the floor in penetration to the hoop, Harrington has the type of all-around skills that make him a great fit for Warriors coach Don Nelson’s offensive-oriented style system.  What’s more, Harrington reportedly dropped 20 lbs this offseason and coach Don Nelson has touted him as the best player in Golden State’s training camp this season.  His motivation more than likely derives from the great playoff run the Warriors had last May.

Round 6, Pick 7: Al Harrington, PF/C, Golden State Warriors

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