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The Daily finds what’s shiny each night, brushes off the dirt to reveal any blemishes and then makes a fair assesment in regards to certain players’ fantasy values.

Look at that man on the right. He looks like a natural. He’s so tall, so athletic and oozes potential the way Gilbert Arenas oozes cockiness. He dropped 24 points in 24 minutes last night and he’s center eligible. Sounds like you should act swiftly, right? Not if you know how Swift acts. Only a sucka would pick him up. And you’re not a sucka.

The Fig Cap: “I’m 100 Percent Pure Fool’s Gold”

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Dwyane Wade and Ron Artest are fully back, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter are out.  Yes, the first injury bug has finally hit.  Start keeping your eyes peeled to the boxscores people, free agent pickups win leagues.  In lieu of these returns, Wade and Artest work their way into our top 15, and Carter gets bumped out.  It’s only day-to-day for T-Mac, so we’ll see on that one.  Anyways, let’s roll out the schedule…

The Fig Cap: Hey isn’t Jon Barry supposed to be in a suit too?
Note: Yao Ming is NOT injured… yet.  Please do not bench him.

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Yeah, so Saturday night wasn’t as fantasy jam-packed as Friday night.  Big deal.  It’s not every night we see multiple 20-rebound games.  Still, a few guys stayed hot and went off last night.

The Fig Cap: “Yeah, hey Raja, can you miss about 75 more games?  Thanks bud.”

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The Fig Cap:
Who doesn’t like boobies… err, Boobie’s game.

Another week in fantasy basketball land and we’re starting to see some players stepping up their game and establishing themselves (Daniel Gibson, Ronnie Brewer, Francisco Garcia) or RE-establishing their fantasy value (Chris Kaman, Richard Jefferson) – but for how long?  We’ll look into this and other things to think about for the upcoming week.  But, first let’s look at how many times each team plays next week…

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The Fig Cap: Hopefully D-Wade isn’t wearing this suit in Week 3.

Some big injury updates, and a whole lot of movement on our rankings.  Lamar Odom is supposed to be back, but the DD team doesn’t put him in their top 20 quite yet.  Dwyane Wade is also set to come back, and he barely cracks his position’s ranks. Amare Stoudemire makes a big fall after missing three straight - and possibly more - games.

Here’s a look at this week’s team-by-team schedules:

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A week in, and a week smarter.  You can either be very happy where you are or quite upset.  Remember, it’s only week one, so a loss won’t kill you, but if you’re up big right now, good job drafting.  You MUST have listened to the experts here right?

Well anyways, amid Kobe Bryant trade rumors, some interesting coming out parties, and some new minutes-per-game knowledge, here are the rankings for Week Two.

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The Dropping Dimes team has come together for its first regular season edition of the weekly rankings.  We’ll be here all year, spittin’ straight knowledge and game.

The first week starts Monday in most leagues, with the first NBA games slated on Tuesday.  For that reason, it’s a somewhat short schedule that looks a little like this:

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With some fantasy hoops draft long over with, but many others likely still to come, I thought it would be best to discuss the fluctuations in the draft position of some players.  ADP (Average Draft Position) is widely used in fantasy football and is becoming more and more prevalent in the fantasy hoops world. 

What ADP can tell us is not only where in drafts players are being selected, but we can also use the information to monitor trends, albeit increases or decreases in value.  The following list of players will delve into those that have either seen a considerable increase or decrease in their average draft value over the course of the last few weeks, using a lot of the data compiled by the GMTR tracker.

Movin’ On Up!

Ray FeltonRaymond Felton, PG/SG, Charlotte Bobcats

The NBA.com experts draft, though long ago, saw Felton go off of the board with the 66th selection overall.  More recent drafts have seen nearly a full round increase in draft position as the Dropping Dimes expert league draft saw Dennis nab Felton with the 56th pick, irking those after him – including myself.  Felton is still being drafted after guards Brandon Roy and Leandro Barbosa, both of whom are question marks right now due to injury and lineup rotation respectively.  While I don’t see Felton’s draft position passing up said guards, those may want to prepare to use a fourth round pick on the Bobcats point guard as his value won’t be dropping past the fifth any time soon.

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Kobe BryantIt’s over.  Go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief if you won on the final week of the season - THE championship or the consolation title - a win is a win.  For those of you that lost, scream but know that the constant waves of anxiety are now over.  Fortunately, I came out on the winning end of the PFS Experts League, beating SI.com Fantasy Sports Editor, James Quintong.  Sorry, JQ, but someone had to win and I certainly don’t mind it being myself.  I also won the DroppingDimes.com Roto Experts League, barely beating PFS and SI.com’s Matt Satten… by half a point!  That’s 0.5!!!  But enough about me.

Let’s get to the stats and those players that excelled in them (Blue Chippers), gave more production in the various categories relative to where they were drafted (Value Players), and those players that disappointed (Duds) this past season.  I’ll review the big three categories a little more heavily since they’re the main categories for a reason.  Afterwards, I’ll do a quick hit type of deal with treys, steals, and blocks, looking mostly at the positive to end on a happy note.

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