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Larry HughesThere is no doubting that Larry Hughes’ career as a fantasy impact player reached it’s peak in 2004-05 during his final season on the Washington Wizards.  You can also point back to 2000-01 when Hughes put up 22.7 points per game on the Golden State Warriors, but the increase in all other stats including steals (league leading 2.9/game) and rebounds during the ‘04 season takest the proverbial cake.

Since heading to Cleveland, Hughes hasn’t exactly lived in the spotlight by playing along side LeBron James.  Brought to the Cavaliers to be the Pippen to LeBron’s Jordan, Hughes has barely kept his field goal percentage above 40%, his scoring has decreased year-over-year, and his free throw shooting has reached a career low.

The last team that needs this former 79.7% free throw shooter fluttering below 68% is the Cavaliers, so this offseason has brought one of the greatest free throw shooters in the history of the game in to Hughes’ life: Mark Price

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Kirk Hinrich thinks that Austin Kent is A-OK!

The Fig Cap: “That Austin guy is A-OK in my book!”

GUEST BLOGGER: Austin Kent from Hoops Addict

If nothing else, Kirk Hinrich is consistent. He’s reliable. His role as the Chicago Bulls team general is clearly established, coach Skiles likes him, he rarely misses games due to injury, and a quick look at his career profile shows that almost every statistical category in Hinrich’s portfolio is within fractions of a point from the year before.

A closer look at the gritty point guard’s stats, however, show improvement. After a fairly significant jump in points per game from his first to second season (12.0 to 15.7), Hinrich’s scoring average has climbed ever so slowly to the 16.6 it sits at now. His percentages both from the field and from the free throw line have improved, now at .448 and .835 respectively, and there is no reason to believe that any of this will stop any time soon.

Round 5, Pick 2: Kirk Hinrich, PG/SG, Chicago Bulls

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Ron Artest Fig

The Fig Cap: This is McFarlane Toys’ rendition of Artest.  Booty to be slapped not included.

Allen Iverson is the paragon of the “thug” element in basketball’s current era of tattoos, cornrows, mean mugs, and putting out hip hop records.  However, AI is the paragon because of all of his offcourt shiznizzle.  So, if anyone has been the epitome of “thug” on the court (and in the stands), there is no question that it’s Ron Artest.  Sure, okay, fine… why beat a dead horse?  We all know about The Malice in the Palace and all that, but I WAS TRYING TO MAKE A POINT!!!  In any case, despite the bad rap (and I don’t mean Artest’s record), the Tru Warier has some game and ironically enough, plays lockdown defense.  But, that’s not all the boy from the QB can do.

Round 4, Pick 6: Ron Artest, SF, Sacramento Kings

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Michael Redd FLEX

The Fig Cap: “They say it’s all in the wrist, well, it doesn’t hurt to have some guns for biceps.”

Living in the New York City area, you experience many things that are dirty, smelly, bumpy, and must bring major disturbances to the Force. There aren’t too many things that go smoothly around these parts, my “game” back when I was single can be a testament to that.  Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of slaps across the face, looks of pure distaste, and mocking giggles thrown my way.  Now what does Michael Redd have to do with my former dating life?

Well, Redd’s stroke is the complete opposite of it… smooth.

Round 3, Pick 10: Michael Redd, SG/SF, Milwaukee Bucks

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Jermaine O'Neal dunking over Yao

Hmm… Dywane Wade in the first… Andre Iguodala in the second… Two Center league… Time for a big-man… Let’s see who is the best big man available… Eyes get wide and pupils shrink… Oh my god Jermaine O’Neal is still available!!! 

Round 3, Pick 9: Jermaine O’Neal, PF/C, Indiana Pacers

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Chauncey Billups smiling

Look at that smile. That’s a 60 million dollar smile! Chauncey Billups will be returning to the Detroit Pistons after signing a four-year 60 million dollar contract this past summer. Good thing for fantasy owners because Chauncey has had his best statistical years under Pistons Coach Flip Saunders. Billups is the calming floor general for the Pistons’ offense and is the yin to the volatile Rasheed Wallace’s yang. Harmony. Chant with me. Ohmmmm…now follow me through the four yoga flows for the downward dog sequence.

Ha! Can you imagine Rasheed Wallace doing yoga?!?!  Sorry, I digress. Billups will be fresh from his summer run with Team USA when the season starts, but should continue his positive contribution to fantasy teams the games count.

Round 3, Pick 5: Chauncey Billups, PG, Detroit Pistons

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No thanks, I'll just dunk it

In a day that is pretty much saturated with the Tim Donaghy story, the Milwaukee Bucks have signed guard/forward Desmond Mason to a multi-year deal. 

This will be Mason’s second go ‘round with Milwaukee, as he was dealt to New Orleans right before the beginning of the 2005 season.  As many know, he never quite meshed well with the Hornets, and only had some (fantasy-type) successes when several members of the team went down with injury - namingly, Peja Stojakovic.

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Dirk Nowitzki MVP

Dirk Nowitzki followed a MVP season with a less than stellar performance in the playoffs. In this year’s playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks were facing elimination in Game 6 in Golden State, Dirk went 4-for-16 from the field and finished the game with a disappointing 14 points and 12 rebounds and no threes. The #1 seeded Mavs were eliminated by the 8th seed Golden State Warriors and Dirk Nowitzki was racked over the coals for his lack luster performance. The performance was almost as bad as his favorite German pop star, David Hasselhoff, drunk eating pizza off the kitchen floor. Fantasy ballers do not care too much what happens in the playoffs, it is the performance in the regular season that is important. 

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LeBron James getting busy!

Round 1, Pick 1: LeBron James

The crew from Dropping Dimes is back this summer like the Transformers with another Fantasy Draft Blog! We promise not to change the draft blog too much from the original format, unlike Spielberg changing Soundwave for the Transformers movie. What is up with that?  This year we agreed on a writing rotation about our picks. The rotation will be Ron, Dennis, Alvin, and Sarge. And with the first overall pick and after watching the NBA playoffs this year my choice was easy - LeBron James.

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DescriptionNow, I know DroppingDimes.com is a fantasy hoops blog.  I just can’t help but direct you guys to Brian Windhorst’s blog post today.  For those of you that don’t know Windhorst, he’s one of the best beat writers in the league today - and thankfully, he covers the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

He’s so well respected that he’s frequently mentioned in Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop Blog, as well as Dan Steinberg’s Washington Post Blog (DC Sports Bog).  Why should you check out today’s post?  Well, he does a little “digging” if you will, and by “digging,” I mean simple math to show you how LeBron James got screwed out of the First Team All-NBA.

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