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Hey. It’s been a long time. Too long. Props to Sarge and Brandon for holding down the fort as best as they could. Things have been pretty good from my end, except for the fact I haven’t made the time to drop some dimes. The 2007-08 fantasy NBA season has been a downer for me; in my main league my draft crop included Gilbert Arenas, Andrea Bargnani, Randy Foye and Nene, which gives you a good idea where my season is going.

But enough about me and my pity party. Week 18 starts tomorrow. The playoffs start in Week 22. If you have a cushion and are looking to gear up for the playoffs, you’re going to want to check this. We are going to look at every team’s schedule during those key playoff weeks and break it down for you. Use this summary to your best advantage, especially if your league’s trading deadline has not passed.

Let’s start with the Eastern Conference and I’ll try to post on the Western Conference soon.

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I was fortunate enough to be about five rows back at last night’s Cavaliers game as they took on the Wizards.  While the game was a blowout, this meant we were handed a lot of Damon Jones

If you do one thing today, make sure it is a search for pictures from last night’s game as you’ll get to see Damon Jones’ new haircut.  While he can be seen here giving Nick Young the business, I’ll try to find a better angle.  It’s a sight to be seen.

With that said, someone tell me that Damon’s day job doesn’t involve playing the character Beetlejuice on the Howard Stern show…

Photographic proof after le jump…

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To send us to the weekend, I have to show you guys this video of Drew Gooden found over on ESPN.

Thanks to this clip, I know now the meaning of “Boss Up,” and that Drew rocks to Tears for Fears.  Have a good one, all.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas - Fantasy BasketballThe Fantasy Season lurks right around the corner
Will it finish like a nursery rhyme, say Little Jack Horner

Or will it be a nightmare, say Elm Street with Freddy
Especially with the Clippers, save Corey Maggette

Some players will break through, while others will be duds
Drafters will hunt for the former, like a bunch of Elmer Fudds

Some players are all GQ, like D Wade or Kobe
But this round, I’ll go UGLY and draft me Big Z!

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Ben Gordon

The Fig Cap: “That guy is behind me again, staring, isn’t he?  Can’t say I blame him.”

“Ben Gordon is a one-dimensional player that only scores,” is what many BG Naysayers would, well… say… in a naying fashion.  However, I would retort back, “You’re right!  But, what’s wrong with that, suckas?!?!?!”  Okay, maybe I wouldn’t use the word, “suckas,” but that’s totally dependent on if any of the said naysayers is bigger and more muscular than me.  Otherwise, I’m puffing out my chest, flexing my arms (and shaking uncontrollably since this isn’t a natural thing to do), and putting the mean mug on.  I sort of say it in jest, but is scoring all Gordon can do?

Round 6, Pick 8: Ben Gordon, SG, Chicago Bulls

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Danny GrangerIn the previous post, Alvin mentioned that Nels from Give Me The Rock nabbed Luol Deng with the 41st pick overall - a bit earlier than he was taken in the Dropping Dimes Mock Blog.  In the fourth round, Nels came back around and nabbed another forward in Kevin Durant showing us all that centers are obviously overrated.  How did he respond with the 13th pick in the fifth round?  You guessed it…another forward with the 69th selection overall.  Not too far off from where the fellas over here at Dropping Dimes had the same guy pegged with this selection…

Round 6, Pick 4: Danny Granger, SF/PF, Indiana Pacers

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Luol Deng!
The Fig Cap: Everybody get down tonight. Everybody Luol Deng tonight.

Ron Chow is doing fine. He’s not sick. He’s not having relationship issues. He’s not stressed at work. He just has other things going on and needs to step away. Hopefully it is temporary. In the meantime, you can catch the little tribute for Ron here. Ron and I are co-managing a team in our Dropping Dimes Experts League this year. Luol Deng was drafted by Nels at Give Me The Rock with the 13th pick in the 3rd round, the 41st pick overall. Here, his name took quite a bit longer to come off the board.

Round 6, Pick 3: Luol Deng, SG/SF, Chicago Bulls

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Ben Wallace vs. Ben Wallace

The Fig Cap:  Defensive Ben Wallace vs. Offensive Ben Wallace… hmm… I’ll take defensive Ben Wallace even though he’s made of plastic.  Yeah, offensive Ben Wallace is.  Just.  That.  Bad.

Like the Fig Cap says, Big Ben’s offense is bad.  Bad and ugly.  Sort of like Wallace himself.  I mean, no offense, but if you saw him in a dark alley wouldn’t you “accidentally let yourself go” (in your pants)?  Okay, okay, so I’m stooping low to Kevin Smith type of humor, but I like that sort of thing.  In any case, it’s not all bad with Mr. Wallace as he can do other things very well that doesn’t include the basketball snapping twine.  For example, his hair brings great entertainment value - “Is it going to be braided or is it going to be Don King CRAZY?!?!?!”

Round 5, Pick 10: Ben Wallace, C, Chicago Bulls

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Rasheed Wallace

I knew someone in high school who was moody like Rasheed Wallace. Let’s call this person “Harry.” I hung around Harry for a couple of years during high school and he was a cool friend to have since Harry was one of the few students that had their own car during high school. He was very talented and excelled in sports and the arts. You need someone to lean on, Harry was there for you. Harry had a unique physical trait in which he had a small patch of hair that was lighter in color from the rest of his head. One thing you have to understand about Harry is that he is very passionate at times. He could take things personally when things don’t go his way. Harry would throw these tantrums at times and we just left him alone to cool off before talking to him. Eventually, I moved away and lost contact with Harry. Fast forward years later, I remember watching some basketball highlights of Rasheed Wallace going bonkers when he was in Portland. Rasheed had the patch of hair discoloration very similar to Harry. I thought to myself, Rasheed Wallace is the “Harry” in the fantasy basketball world. Rasheed can do a lot of things well but he can go off the deep end at times.

Round 5 Pick 5: Rasheed Wallace, PF, Detroit Pistons

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Mo Williams

GUEST BLOGGER: Eno Sarris from The Fantasy Lounge

The Fig Cap: In the words of the immortal Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr, “Gimme some MO!”

I promise you won’t have to know Busta Rhymes’ real name in order to understand why Mo Williams is a solid point guard worth drafting this high. You may have to get that song out of your head before you can continue on after the jump, though.

Round 5, Pick 3: Maurice Williams, PG, Milwaukee Bucks

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