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Andre IguodalaAre you a music fan? One of my favourite music memories of recent years is Snoop Dogg being featured in the MTV Icon tribute to Metallica. Working his unique flow to “Sad But True,” this was proof that sometimes the unexpected works out very nicely. Now, I am sure there are a legion of metal-heads out there that found the same performace blasphemous, but to each their own.

Building a basketball team involves finding underrated or underappreciated players and hoping that they fit in well with the core players already on your team. Here is a player who will fit into any fantasy team and make it better. There are still 20 ppg players available, players who are on everyone’s sleeper list, and players who have played in All-Star games. But I think this pick may not be so unexpected, and he should be on everyone’s hot list already.

Round 5, Pick 7: Andre Iguodala, SG/SF, Philadelphia 76ers

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Morris PetersonRound 5, Pick 5: Morris Peterson, SG/SF, Toronto Raptors

Poor Morris Peterson.  He’ll never get a chance to shine, but it’s not so bad being like the Barney to another player’s Fred, the Rocky to Bullwinkle, the Milli to Vanilli.  Yes, folks, Mo Pete is the classic wingman… the Goose of the NBA.  But, despite the unsavory associations of playing second fiddle, don’t sleep on Peterson because he’s got game.  Maybe not Jesus Shuttlesworth game, but there ain’t nothing wrong with Mo the Baptist, so let me stand up and TESTIFY!

Vince Carter (hold your boos, T-Dot), Jalen Rose, Rafer Alston, and Mike James were several players that held Peterson back from the guard and forward positions and from coming to the forefront and getting his looks.  But, now they’re all gone and there’s only Chris Bosh as the number one option on offense with Peterson sliding in as the veteran second option.  And since Rose left last season, Peterson really has stepped it up and it should continue this upcoming season.

Want proof?  Read the book of Peterson, chapter 5, verse 5. 

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“I take it back.  I’m not the best point guard in the league… Dennis Velasco is the best point guard in the league.” This quote is what was waiting for me when I left this blog entry open this morning. I had not even written anything myself yet, just put in the picture. Dennis is channeling “Big Brother” here and sees all. Not only that, he changes news and history to suit his wishes. Talk about an abuse of editorial power. Hahaha!

If you counted on Marbury last year to be your top guard, point or otherwise, there is a good chance your team ended up stinking up the joint. Ron and I recently visited NYC with some friends. Whether it was the aura of walking the streets of the Big Apple, or a friend wanting to give his friend a chance to write about his man-crush, who knows what has Ron going with “Stabury” here. So I am going to guest-write for Ron and the team he has started here, and he will take on my next pick.  As always on Dropping Dimes, let’s break it down.

Round 4, Pick 4: Stephon Marbury, PG, New York Knicks.

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Vince Carter  While some of the first 24 picks have focused on some players that can be considered statistical specialists (Andrei Kirilenko or Ben Wallace with blocks and steals, Steve Nash with assists and free throw percentage), this team that is already comprised of LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire appears to have a firm foundation of well-rounded contributions.  James is a triple-double threat every night, while Stoudemire can put up 20 and 10 with a couple blocks thrown in for good measure at the drop of a…dime.  Thus, drafting for value, and attempting to not group this tandem with any one that could kill any certain category, I see no better option at this stage than to go with the off-guard from the New Jersey Nets.

Round 3, Pick 1: Vince Carter, SG, New Jersey Nets

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Jason Kidd Round 2, Pick 8: Jason Kidd, PG, New Jersey Nets


Jason Frederick Kidd… yeah, get past the middle name, which we all know may as well be “Is One Bad Mother On The Court.”  Seriously, is there any bigger of a triple-threat in the NBA the past several seasons?  This 33 year old “kid” is fourth all-time (76 games) on the Triple Double list behind Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138), and Wilt Chamberlain (78).  And, as any good fantasy player knows, getting stats spread out through several categories is always a good thing.

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Knicks in disarraySo, I was trolling through the topics at The Fantasy Lounge Forums’ General NBA Talk section and found this topic asking how Isiah Thomas would do as the new New York Knicks head coach this upcoming season.  In it, someone I know (as much as one could know anyone through the internet, anyway) intimates that the Knicks will be better with Thomas than Larry Brown for various reasons, which is great.  Everyone has an opinion.  HOWEVER, he went on to say that Larry Brown stunk (he actually used a word more associated innocently with what peope do with lollipops) as a coach and that great coaches such as Phil Jackson adjusted their coaching style to fit the players’ strengths and cover their weaknesses.  Having played and watched basketball for over two decades, I was dumbstruck!  So, I started writing a long post, so long in fact I thought it should be an article.

And thus, here it is…

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Round 2, Pick 4 Paul Pierce, SG/SF, Boston Celtics

Last year there were rumors that Celtic’s GM Danny Ainge was contemplating a youth movement and Paul Pierce was being shopped around the league. So, “The Truth” took stock of the situation and played like a man on a mission last season. “You can’t handle the truth” was made famous by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, and Pierce proved it last season against those defending him by averaging 26.8 points/game, which was 6th in the NBA, as well as a career high for Pierce. He will be styling in Celtic green a while longer after he signed a contract extension this past summer. 

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DescriptionSo, a friend of mine always seems to bring up turnovers when considering drafting a player and while I can understand why (as it is one of the nine basic categories in fantasy basketball) I can’t help but to say the following:

Who cares.

No disrespect to my friend, as he does know his fantasy hoops, but I just don’t care so much about this business of turnovers.  I’m not saying to knowingly punt the category, but I am saying don’t care about it as much as you do points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, 3-pointers made, and the percentages when you draft.  Why you ask?

Let me give you my $0.10.

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Round 1 Pick 9: Chris Bosh

C@*k blocked or CB’ed. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of c@*k block – n. one who prevents another from scoring sexually. In real life, if you get CB 4 in one night that is not a good thing.  However, in fantasy basketball if you get CB 4 it is a great thing for your fantasy squad. Of course, we are referring to Chris Bosh who wears # 4 for the Toronto Raptors. 

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DescriptionOpinionated.  o•pin•ion•at•ed

Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one’s own opinions.

Now, to me, there is a fine line between stubbornness and persistence...especially in the world of fantasy basketball.  Sure, I can choose to like 28 points a game, but I can also choose to despise the four turnovers that come with it.  You see, I’m not a big fan of “baggage.”  I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to “give and take” in this sport, thus I choose to hate on certain big name players from time to time for the things that they don’t do…

With that said, I present to you, the soon-to-be (if not already!) dedicated readers of DroppingDimes.com, the first Sargent Says of the 2006-07 basketball season.

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