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Denzel and Ray DO NOT DRAFT RAY ALLEN. We here at Dropping Dimes have made these type of statements before. Amare Stoudemire dropped to the very end of the second round last year in our inaugural mock draft blog. Sarge made that “gutsy” pick and obviously Amare turned out more than all right. Well, this year between his injury woes and his trade to Boston, Ray has dropped from the end of the first round in last year’s draft to almost the end of the second round this year. So is the “Velasco Amare factor” the reason that Ray slipped? Or is this a proper market correction to his fantasy value?

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Iggy Throwin' It DownWith Dwyane Wade getting selected in the first round, this team is supplied with a solid base of roto success.  While I could’ve chosen to draft a big guy, several of them were just selected with previous picks.  I could’ve chosen another guard, but Jason Kidd and Chris Paul just fell off of the board.  Thus, we’ll look at a younger guy that provides one of the better well-rounded games in the fantasy arena.

Points?  Check.
Rebounds? Check.
Assists? Check.
Steals? Check.
Field Goal Percentage? Check.
Free Throw Percentage? Check.

Alright, you’re hired. 

Andre Iguodala, SG/SF, Philadelphia 76ers

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Tour de NBAI had to let our first podcast marinate a little at the top of our page. It’s not every day Kevin Garnett gets traded after all! The Atlantic Division is getting crowded! Certainly in terms of fantasy impact, New Jersey no longer has the best trio in the division. Isn’t it great to have a huge trade like this to break up the summer doldrums? What else is going on in sports these days, besides the Tour de Farce?

This pick acquitted himself well last year in terms of answering the questions about his age and injury issues.

Round 2, Pick 3: Jason Kidd, PG, New Jersey Nets

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The GAP!

Well, it’s official… Kevin Garnett is on his way to Beantown, joining Paul Pierce and Ray Allen with the Boston Celtics forming quite a formidable trio.  Scott Sargent and Dennis Velasco talk about the fantasy values of the aforementioned GAP (Garnett, Allen, Pierce), as well as the former Celtics moving to the Minnesota Timberwolves.  It’s the first show, so forgive any lack of production value or any real knowledge of basketball (sarc).  Seriously, it’ll get better and when it does, you’ll look back at this first episode of the Dropping Dimes Podcast and think, “Wow, that first episode REALLY STUNK!” 

Yeah, nowhere else to go but up.

Kevin Garnett Going to Boston… Soon
The Fig Cap: “Wait, it’s not official… yet.”

The trade that sends Kevin Garnett from his beloved “Sota” to Beantown is all but done with the only thing delaying the seemingly inevitable move being a money issue.  And we all know how situations concerning money can easily be resolved, right?  Sarcasm aside, it would take a huge change of mind on Garnett’s end to kill the deal, but if The Big Ticket wants to punch his own ticket to the NBA Finals by going through the weaker Eastern Conference, this will get done.

But what will the fantasy basketball impact be?  Well, when dealing with the fact there will be three 20-point scorers on the same team, it will be tough to determine.  Specifically, will there be enough basketballs to go around?  Honestly, amongst Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, there really isn’t a ball hog in the group.  Okay maybe The Truth, but Pierce never had a choice on most nights during the chaos that’s been the Celtics for the past several seasons.

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Chris Bosh
Fig Cap: “Seriously, I’m.  That.  Damn.  Good.”

Chris Bosh is a mystery to me, but I hear through the Canadian grapevine that he’s a pretty good basketball player.  Too bad no one really knows.  I mean, unless you’re Canadian.

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Sorry that there have not been many posts here on Dropping Dimes this week. Hopefully you are gearing up for head-to-head playoffs next week, or setting your team to cruise control in a roto league. Let’s catch up on last night’s action.

Sorry there’s no picture and Fig Cap…I’m late for work!

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Description Time to look ahead to the fantasy playoffs! Although there is definitely a luck factor in head-to-head play, these leagues are a lot of fun. This primer assumes your weekly match-up starts on the Monday of the week, and ends on the Sunday. In Yahoo! leagues, the h2h playoffs start during Week 22, March 26-April 1. These leagues also tend to extend championship week to include the few days at the end of the season. So below, you will see a “Week 24+” designation, which includes games to be played between April 9th and April 18th.

Use this primer to evaluate your current roster and each player’s fantasy playoff schedule. Manipulating the number of games played in each playoff week could be the edge you need to win your fantasy league. Is Lebron the guy to bring you the bling-bling? Check it out below to find out!

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Andrea BargnaniDropping Dimes On The Daily is all about the team looking at the previous night’s performances and mentioning those that did pretty goodly and those that did pretty badly.  Goodly is a word, right?  Anyway, this will be a quick look around the league, so don’t expect a ton of text, just some daily fantasy basketball goodness!!!  Please note that this is the fantasy basketball section of ElevationMag.com’s Daily Top Picks. Check it out and see your daily rumors, quotes, headlines, and facts!  But read the fantasy section HERE!

The Fig Cap: Il Mago has ill moves!

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Dwyane Wade injuried

Will the injuries ever stop this season?!? Fantasy ballers need a bottle of Pepto Bismol to stomach all the injuries this year. This year, fantasy championships could be a war of attrition – the healthiest team may have the best chance to take the championship in your league. This session of the Injury Lowdown will look into the slew of recent injuries.

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