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Thursday January 11, 2007 11:41 am

Wire to Wire: 1.11.07

Dikembe was a huge pick-up last week.  Just ask him!Wire to Wire aims to be your waiver wire resource for all of your fantasy basketball needs.  It will dive into playing time trends, injury replacements, and even an occasional category specialist – all of which can be found on a typical waiver wire within your fantasy league at any given time.

Another week in the books.  Milwaukee’s Michael Redd is the latest big name to go down, and boy did he ever.  Four to six weeks is far from a short-term loss for owners, especially if those owners also have Josh Smith and Rashard Lewis (frantically waiving hand in the air).  But, hey…that’s what the waiver is for!  I’m aiming just to get myself to the All-Star break.  I think we can make it.  First, let’s see how we did last week

Shallow Leagues:

Randy Foye:  T-Wolves coach Dwane Casey is obviously just riding the hot hand for his backcourt.  However, owner had to love the 19 point contest followed up by a double-double (11 points, 10 dimes).  The 18 minute night is worrisome, but two out of three ain’t bad.  Meatloaf, anyone?  Hit.
Dorell Wright: The Dorrell Wright that logged near 40 minutes a night was much better for fantasy owners than the current one, who’s logging in the mid-20s.  He’s a double-double threat every night, and the blocks/steals potential is always nice.  I’m just not sure you wouldn’t be better served with someone else in a shallower league at this point. Miss.
Tony Allen: Make that six straight games of at least 20 points.  He’s up to an 18 point, six rebound average over the last month – and the percentages are very nice.  Doc needs to find a way to keep this kid on the floor when Pierce returns.  Hit.

Standard Leagues:

Dikembe Mutombo: Seven straight games of double-digit boards and at least one block.  Dikembe apparently feels like it’s 1999 all over again, and since I own him, I’m not about to tell him otherwise.  Since Houston has also rattled off six wins in their last seven games, I don’t think they have a problem with the production either. Huge hit.
Andrew Bynum: Aside from the game against the Mavericks, Bynum has filled in nicely for the Lakers.  Averaging 13 points, nine boards, and three blocks over his last four contests, which isn’t bad for any fantasy roster.  Hit.
Jason Kapono: He won’t “wow” you, but he will provide points and threes without killing your percentage.  Dwyane Wade’s back with a vengeance, but Kapono’s still clocking in for over 35 minutes a night.  Hopefully, that continues. Hit.
Eduardo Najera: Easily the worst recommendation of last week.  I was banking on Nené and Camby missing more time than they did – which really isn’t all that far fetched.  Feel free to waive him as you please.  Miss.
Devin Brown: Brown has quietly been very solid over the last couple of weeks, and has started the last two contests.  His 14 points, seven assist game may be a sign of things to come with Pargo coming off of the bench.  If he can somehow muster a steal a game, he’s a solid short-term addition in any format.  Hit.

Deep Leagues:

Trevor Ariza: Don’t let the Boston game turn you away from Ariza as it was simply a poor shooting night.  News has Grant Hill unlikely to play this Friday, which should allow Ariza to shine.  If anything, hold on through the weekend.  Hit.
Mikki Moore: If any center in the NBA logs over 30 minutes a game, he’s worth a roster spot.  In this case, Moore is not only getting time, he’s producing.  Should be a double-double threat for the rest of the season – barring any move by New Jersey.  In fact, see below.  Hit.
Matt Caroll: The Bobcats only played once since my recommendation, but that game featured Caroll pouring in 19 points and four bombs from beyond.  He’ll be getting his number called often with Gerald Wallace out, so keep using him as you were.  Hit.

(Overall 9-2)

Wow.  Easily my best week of the season.  The amounts of injuries that have occurred thus far in the season have not only allowed for a lot of other players to step up, but it also makes the fantasy waiver wire a gold mine.  Those owners that have seen a lot of their big-ball cats drop like flies (a la Yao Ming) have been fortunate enough to have guys like Mutombo and Bynum get more minutes to somewhat clot the bleeding.  Let’s rid this out until at least All-Star break.  We’ll figure out where to take it from there. 

On to this week’s recommendations…

(All statistics as of Wednesday)

Shallow Leagues:

I couldn't pass up the picture with two of the ugliest men in the NBA

Sam Cassell, PG, Los Angeles Clippers
24 G; 25.1 MPG; 14.1 PPG; 2.8 RPG; 4.5 APG; 0.3 3PM; 44.4 FG%; 88.5 FT%; 0.5 SPG; 0 BPG; 1.7 TO

While Cassell was on my “Do Not Draft” list this season, he shouldn’t be on any waiver wires at this point in the season.  Yes, it does seem like point guards are the only position to not get bitten by the injury bug to this point in the season, but I’d find it hard to believe that there isn’t room for Cassell’s potential on your roster.  He was likely cut due to his injuries, but the Clipper’s aren’t the same this year – and Cassell may be the answer.

Charlie Bell, PG/SG/SF, Milwaukee Bucks
34 G; 32.3 MPG; 11.2 PPG; 2.1 RPG; 3.2 APG; 1.4 3PM; 42.2 FG%; 73.2 FT%; 1.2 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 1.0 TO

The abovementioned Redd will be out four to six weeks, and this will free up a ton of shot attempts in Milwaukee.  Reuben Patterson is likely on a roster in every league, so I’m choosing to not mention him in this piece.  However, Bell may likely be there – and shouldn’t be.  If any reason, his position eligibility allows you to plug in his production in several spots within your roster.  It’s hard to argue with that.

Standard Leagues:

Desmond Mason: Fantasy asset by default
Desmond Mason, SG/SF, New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets
34 G; 36.1 MPG; 13.6 PPG; 5.2 RPG; 1.6 APG; 0 3PM; 45.6 FG%; 67.8 FT%; 0.8 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 2.9 TO

Yes, the turnovers can be killer, but he’s taken at least 15 field goal attempts over the last three contests.  Quite frankly, the Hornets are in such terrible shape that Mason’s currently one of their top scoring options.  The worst part of this situation is that the Hornets have dropped five straight games, so a shakeup can happen at any time.  However, you can’t let 30 point potential just sit there.  If you have the room, Mason could be a solid addition.

Mikki Moore, PF/C, New Jersey Nets
31 G; 19.4 MPG; 6.5 PPG; 4.8 RPG; 0.4 APG; 0 3PM; 65.5 FG%; 73.5 FT%; 0.4 SPG; 0.6 BPG; 1.2 TO

Last week had Mutombo go from deep league flier to a standard league must-add.  This week, I think that this award could belong to Moore.  As I mentioned, Moore has double-double potential for the remainder of the season, while a lot of other options right now are not permanent.  If you added Najera last week, he may be the perfect swap for Moore.  Plus, he’s center eligible. 

Damon Stoudamire, PG, Memphis Grizzlies
31 G; 24.5 MPG; 8.6 PPG; 2.6 RPG; 4.5 APG; 1.1 3PM; 40.9 FG%; 87.2 FT%; 0.5 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 1.6 TO

What’s the capital of Thailand?  I shudder to think that I’m adding Stoudamire to this list.  I was higher than most on him going into this season and he’s since given me several swift kicks to the groin.  However, over the last few contests, Damon looks like the “Mighty Mouse” of old, putting up double-digit scoring along with a flurry of assists and long-balls.  Plus, the more the ball is in his hands, the more times he can get to the line and utilize that 88% from the line.  If you need the point guard help, you could do a lot worse than Stoudamire.

LaMarcus Aldridge, SF/PF/C, Portland Trailblazers
27 G; 18.0 MPG; 6.7 PPG; 3.9 RPG; 0.3 APG; 0 3PM; 49.7 FG%; 75.6 FT%; 0.3 SPG; 0.8 BPG; 0.5 TO
With Joel Przybilla only getting 17 minutes a game, and rumors of Jamaal Magloire on his way out, Portland will likely be giving Aldridge some more time on the floor.  He’s already contributing in the middle, and will likely not stay on any free agent lists for much longer.  If he’s still out there, scoop him up.  I’d consider him over guys like Erick Dampier, Darko Milicic and Nazr Mohammed – all who I’ve seen on standard league rosters.

Deep Leagues:

Remember this former number one overall pick?

Joe Smith, PF, Philadelphia 76ers
8 G; 22.4 MPG; 7.5 PPG; 6.0 RPG; 0.1 APG; 0 3PM; 44.2 FG%; 87.5 FT%; 0.5 SPG; 0.3 BPG; 1.1 TO

I’ve made it a point to scoop up Smith on any roster of mine that is located in any league with more than 12 teams.  With news of Chris Webber’s days in Philadelphia over, Smith is now the starting power forward and should be able to put up solid numbers from here out.  The double-double against the Detroit Pistons is encouraging – and the career 80% from the line is a nice bonus.

Nick Collison, PF/C, Seattle Supersonics
37 G; 24.5 MPG; 8.1 PPG; 6.7 RPG; 0.7 APG; 0 3PM; 44.8 FG%; 71.4 FT%; 0.6 SPG; 0.7 BPG; 1.5 TO

Collison has “tease” written all over him, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here as Bob Hill rotates his starting lineup more than a fantasy owner.  You need to have skill to record a 20 point,  20 rebound game at the professional level, so there’s no doubting Collison’s potential.  His fate lies in his playing time, and that’s always up in the air.  But in deeper leagues, it’s tough to just let him sit out there.  Expect ups and downs, but enjoy the ride.

Sasha Vujacic, PG/SG, Los Angeles Lakers
29 G; 12.1 MPG; 4.6 PPG; 1.3 RPG; 0.8 APG; 0.9 3PM; 42.0 FG%; 82.4 FT%; 0.6 SPG; 0 BPG; 0.6 TO

With minutes in the teens, and one of the better three point totals over the last month, Vujacic may as well be the West coast version of Damon Jones.  He’ll give you a game or two of single-digit playing time, and then surround them with a flurry of three point shooting.  If you’re hurting for threes in a deep roto league, you could do a lot worse than Vujacic.  Plus, there’s always the chance that Smush Parker struggles – which may open the door for Sasha.

Trenton Hassell, SG/SF, Minnesota Timberwolves
31 G; 30 MPG; 6.7 PPG; 3.0 RPG; 2.5 APG; 0.1 3PM; 51.8 FG%; 80.0 FT%; 0.2 SPG; 0.6 BPG; 1.2 TO

Don’t look now, but Trenton Hassell has been involved in the Timberwolve offense.  Three straight games of double-digit points coupled with an increase in shot attempts.  The increased attempts (especially from the line) allow fantasy owners to reap the benefits of his solid percentages, and the fact that he’s logging in over 30 minutes a game is a good sign of things to come.  The Wolves have won four in a row, and it looks like Hassell may be here to stay.

That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!



Tony Allen to join those who fell making this fantasy season one helluva roller coaster. After flinching on every NOK, ATL, MIL game these past weeks as i hold CP, Smoove, and CV on my team who dropped from 1 to 3 this season, tony allen who i recently added just made me want to give up.

but deke… deeeeeke!!!!! 😊 you gotta love the finger waving guy when he goes out there and, quote unquote, thinks like its 1990’s all over again shows that theres more to this fantasy season after all. And add miki moore to the season surprises. 😊


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